Is the reliable prediction of individual earthquakes a realistic scientific goal? (Nature debate, 25 Feb. 1999)
Earthquake forecast program has amazing success rate. (Nasa news release, 8 Oct. 2004)

Paranal Earthquakes

Most recent (about two weeks period) events of magnitude larger than 4 and centered at less than 150km from Paranal (allow one week for data ingestion and check)

29 November 2000, 10h25UT, 17km from Paranal

27 November 2000, 10h54UT, 145km from Paranal

Historical List of earthquakes with magnitude larger than 5.8 and centered at less than 150km from Paranal for the period 1471-2000.

Chile Earthquake

South America Current Earthquakes Map

14 October 1997 event
09 July 1999 event
23 June 2001 (Peru) event
30 July 1995 event

Map of Last Big Earthquakes in Chile 1868-1995.
Depth of epicenter of earthquakes as a function of the distance from the coast (1991-1996, CNSS Earthquake Maps).


Long dormant volcanoe shows signs of life: the volcano Chiliques located 2334' S and 6742' W, is around to 63km south of "Llano de Chajnantor". Read more info from Earth Observatory (NASA), April 2002. and Volcanoes of the Central Andes by S.L. de SIlva and P.W. Francis, published by Springer-Verlag (1991). Info from Roberto Rivera, ESO.

Volcan Lascar 35mn and 3h35mn after eruption on 20 July 2000 (GOES8 satellite image, thermal IR -10.7mu- channel). See also photos taken from the ALMA site by the CBI team.

The CTIO analysis of Volcanic Activity in northern Chile.

World Seismology

  • Last recorded events worldwide IPG Paris database and U.S. National Earthquake Center .
  • University of Chile Seismology.
  • Global Seismic Hazard Assessment Program (GSHAP) with global seismic hazard maps (1992-1999).
  • Surfing the Internet for Earthquake Data and Global Seismicity Maps (1996)

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