ESO Search for Potential Astronomical Sites (ESPAS) Working Group Spring Meeting

ESPAS Spring Meeting

(March 18, 1996, ESO Garching, Council Room, 10.00am)

AGENDA ------------------

-Presentation of the terms of reference (J.P. Swings)

-Session 1: Updates on recent and ongoing site surveys

  • La Palma (C. Munoz-Tunon)
  • Gamsberg-Namibia (Th. Neckel, M. Sarazin)
  • Antartica (J. Vernin)
  • Others (Australia, North Africa, South Africa, China, India, ...)

    -Session 2: Proposal for new site surveys

  • Madeira (T. Lago)
  • Maydanak (S. Eghamberdiev)
  • The Greenland Ice cap (H. Pedersen)
  • Stratospheric Platforms (P. Bely)

    -ESPAS WG and the ESO-VLT program (A. Renzini)

    -Session 3: New Parameters to be surveyed

  • OH atmospheric content (A. Renzini, J. Cuby)
  • Outer Scale of Turbulence (NOT Results- H. Pedersen, Balloon Results- J. Vernin)
  • Temporal parameters of the turbulence (Adapt. Optics- J.L.Beuzit, Balloon Results- J. Vernin)
  • Others (commercial aircrafts, .....)

    -Session 4: Modalities of site intercomparison

  • The experience of Galileo Site Survey (S. Ortolani)
  • Discussion of the WG outputs: white book on sites worldwide, recommendations for site surveys, setting up standards, .....

    Distribution of tasks (for the period until the Autumn meeting)

    Wedn. March 13, 14:51:33 MEZ 1996

    Minutes made available ( ps file ), May 15, 1996