International Astronomical Union Technical Workshop

- Astronomical Site Evaluation in the Visible and Radio Range -
13-17 November 2000, in Marrakech, Morocco

Final Announcement


The SOC warmly invites you to attend the Technical Workshop "Site 2000" of the International Astronomical Union. Have a look at the Scientific Goals. We look forward to hearing from you that you wish to attend and perhaps present a paper. See Call for Papers and Registration on how to do this. Check the latest update of the list of registered participants.

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The purpose of this meeting is to assess the state of the art with regard to astronomical site testing in the visible, IR and radio range. Emphasis will be placed on the physical mechanisms which govern the propagation of waves in the atmosphere, their origin and consequences. A special mention will be made to all the techniques which allow us to evaluate the perturbation along the beam path: remote sensing, in situ probing and atmospheric modeling.
A detailed survey of the major astronomical sites will be presented, as well as the requirements of ground based astronomy for the next decades. Although this meeting is devoted to gaining a better insight into the physical phenomena, related fields of astronomy will be included, such as interferometry and adaptive optics. Special attention will be paid to Morrocan sites.


The workshop will cover items related to "Astronomical Site Evaluation in the Visible and Radio Range". (full program) and give the opportunity to the optical and radio communities to compare methods and needs.
I. Physical Mechanism of Atmospheric Turbulence
II. Measuring Instruments in the Visible
III. Site Characterization and Atmospheric Transparency in the mm/submm Range
IV. Tropospheric Phase Instability and Compensation Schemes
V. Forecasting
VI. Site Surveys
VII. Astroclimatic Stations
VIII. Phase correction: Adaptive Optics and Interferometry


·International Astronomical Union (IAU)
·International Union of Radio Science (URSI)
·Université de Nice - Sophia Antipolis (UNSA)