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Satellite infrared image


This image shows a view of Northern Chile, updated every three hours with about 45mn lag. It is produced using the 3rd and 4th channel of the satellite GOES centered respectively at 6.7 and 10.7 microns, the dotted lines marks the latitude/longitude with a 2 degrees spacing (check SSEC Data Center or local user infos in case of outdated images). The time indicated on the image corresponds to the start of the scan of the spinning radiometer (a full earth north-south scan takes 26 mn). The exact recording times of the Chajnantor, Paranal and La Silla pixels are respectively 18.10, 18.43 and 19.38 minutes after.
A zoom on the Observatories area in the Water Vapor (left) and Thermal Infrared (right) channels:

Chajnantor: [-23.02,-67.75]
Paranal: [-24.63,-70.40]
La Silla: [-29.25,-70.73]
Tololo-Pachon: [-30.23,-70.72]
Casleo: [-31.80,-69.25]

A java applet animation of the last eight images.

Larger image including Pacific Ocean in the water vapor and the thermal infrared channels: Top Left corner: [10S,115W], Top Right corner: [10S,65W], Bottom Left corner: [45S,150W], Bottom Right corner: [45S,60W], (2x2 binning, 300 kbyte). The images are produced using the GVIEW IDL package provided by CIRA, also displaying half-hourly animations over Chile.
On our provider's web site SSEC, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 15mn step animations are available.

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