Missing images:
-GOES "single chord" operations are made necessary by lunar and solar intrusions at the edge of the Earth disk. They impact navigation and registration for short periods. Regularly updated information can be found at NOAA Satellite and Information Services Special Bulletin. Calibration iformations are available from NOAA Office of Satellite Operation.
-From April 30 to May 3, 2001, ESO satellite image provider (CIRA) had major problems with its telemetry equipment and the service was disrupted. The system is now running with a temporary fix and further blackouts are not excluded
-On September 19-20, 2001, CIRA image server implemented a firewall which has produced a 48h service disruption.
-On December 10-12, 2001 the data delivery stopped at 14h45UT due to a software glitch on the provider's side.
-January 15, a major power failure at CIRA caused service disruption.
-April 15-25, 2002, CIRA suspended delivery until a pending accounting dispute was clarified.
-May 30-June 01, 2002, CIRA experiences some downtime in the data collection system due to a change of its physical location.
-July 12-16, 2002, uncomplete reboot of automated processes after ESO general power shutdown due to construction work.
-December 31, 2002 switch to new satellite image provider: SSEC (Univ. of Wisconsin replaces CIRA). No loss of images in the process.
-April 1, 2003, GOES8 is retired and replaced by GOES12 with a better resolution in the PWV channel
-December 4 to 17 2007, after a manoeuver problem GOES12 is replaced by GOES13 temporarily.
-December 14, 2008, due to a technical problem GOES12 operation stops and is replaced by GOES13 temporarily.
-April 15, 2010, GOES-13 replaces GOES-12 as GOES-EAST
-May 24, 2013, GOES-13 failure,replaced by GOES12 until June 11, 2013

Please inform msarazin@eso.org in case of non listed problems