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Satellite infrared image


This image shows a view of the south pacific region, updated every three hours. It is produced using the 4th channel of the satellite GOES8 centered at 10.7 microns.
The dot on the image marks the latitude/longitude with a 2 degrees spacing.
If your browser supports Java, you can start a java applet to browse the last eight images with a higher display quality.

A zoom on the Observatory area
Chajnantor: [lat,lon] = [-23.1,-67.45]
Paranal: [lat,lon] = [-24.37,-70.24]
La Silla: [lat,lon] = [-29.16,-70.42]

Full Size image; Top Left corner: [10S,115W], Top Right corner: [10S,65W], Bottom Left corner: [45S,150W], Bottom Right corner: [45S,60W], (2x2 binning)

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