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The La Silla SCIDAR Long Term Monitoring


Information regarding the La Silla SCIDAR

-Source: loan from Imperial College, London (Chris Dainty)
-Installation: Christofer Walker & David Lara-Saucedo, Imperial College, Miska Le Louarn, ESO-Garching, A. Tokovinin, CTIO, with the support of La Silla Observatory (Juan Fluxa)
-Operation: Jorge Araya, La Silla Observatory, with the support of the NTT group (O. Hainault)
-Data Reduction: Marc Sarazin, Miska Le Louarn, ESO-Garching and A. Tokovinin, CTIO, based on the quick-look software provided by Imperial College

Example of Autocorrelation of the scintillation pattern (2D, upper left, 1D cut along binary axis upper right) and resulting profile (lower left) obtained on a binary of separation 8.2" at 40 degree from Zenith. The SCIDAR is used in generalized mode, conjugated at 960m below the 1m telescope pupil level. The lower right graph shows a profile degraded to the resolution of a single star profiler (MASS: Multi Aperture Scintillation Sensor)

A 2 second movie made of 20 sequences representing 4mn of atmospheric life on July 28, 2002 with a binary of separation 5.7", conjugated at 2.9km below telescope pupil (more movies).

All the Quick Look Results.

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