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Astroclimatology of La Silla


General Observing Conditions and Data for La Silla

 * Seeing.
 * Atmospheric Extinction Coefficients at La Silla (from Geneva Observatory)
 * Differential atmospheric refraction
 * Sky Brightness (V and NIR)
 * Precipitable Water Vapour and local Relative Humidity
 * Wind, Air Temperature, Dew Point and Relative Humidity Statistics, 2002 to 2006 (pdf) and seasonal, 1999 to 2007 (pdf)
 * Cloudiness Monthly Average since 1983, differential Paranal-La Silla , Seasonal 1987-1995, 1987-2014, yearly (1984-2013).
 * Wind Velocity and gust at ground level (1998-2007) and at the tropopause level

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

 * Astroclimate or old ambient server
 * Satellite images and Weather Forecasts

Further Info

 * The La Silla Astronomical Site Monitor (ASM)
 * Environmental Conditions at ESO Observatories (Trimestrial Reports, discontinued in 1999)
 * An analysis of the relationship of El-Nino to the cloud cover at ESO observatories, The ESO Messenger 90, December 97 ( ps file )

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