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The VLT Astronomical Site Monitor


Information regarding the VLT-ASM

 * Operation

The Ambient Database Server and the database description.

The ASM Weather Watch.

 * Developments

The ASM Line Of Sight Sky Absorption Monitor (LOSSAM, prototype).

The ASM Neural Nets Operational Prognosticator (NEUROP, prototype).

The ASM Coherence Monitor (project).

The ASM All Sky Imager (project).

MASS: Multi-Aperture scintillation sensor (single star profiler).

SLODAR: SLOpe Detection And Ranging (double star profiler).

SCIDAR: SCintillation Detection And Ranging (double star profiler).

GSM-MOSP-SCIDAR-LuSci Campaign December 2007.

Lightmeter all sky sensor.

 * Documentation

The ASM Documentation short list.

The ASM Picture Book.

The ASM Site Layout at Paranal showing the Meteorological Mast, the DIMM Telescope Tower and the ASM Control Room. The grid size is (dUxdV)=8x8 meters. In the Telescope area local coordinate system, UT1 is centered at (U,V)=(-16,-16) and the DIMM tower is distant of 200m to the North-East, centered at (U,V)=(146.10,102.06) The tower is oriented with one axis parallel to the North-South direction (the geographical North makes a positive angle of 19.55 degree with respect to the V (vertical) axis)

 * Studies

The ASM Verification.

The ASM-DIMM Tower Modal Study.

The Seeing in the Wake of a Building.

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