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Single star Cn2 Profiler


MASS: Multi Aperture Scintillation Sensor

The new technique proposed by A. Tokovinin (now with CTIO, Chile) is developed by V. Kornilov (Sternberg Institute, Moscow) under contract with ESO, in the frame of the VLT Adaptive Optics Program. Check updates on A. Tokovinin's web page.

MASS-LITE, a step towards automation

A light version of MASS using a 10cm diameter refractor was designed at Sternberg institute to be installed piggy-back on the ESO DIMMs and thus benefit of their automation. The system was first tested at La Silla before starting operation at Paranal.

MASS-LITE at La Silla

Operation, Set-Up (photo), and Plans.
Commissioning data, La Silla: 4-7 December 2003, with Nicolai Shatsky (Sternberg Institute, Moscow), Tatyana Sadibekova (Nice University & ESO) and the support of La Silla Observatory staff.
Results, La Silla (Dec03-Sep04)

MASS-LITE at Paranal

MASS-LITE on ESO DIMM at Paranal
Commissioning data, Paranal: 16-20 September 2004

Results, Paranal (Sep04- )

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