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Double Star Portable Cn2 Profiler


SLODAR: SLOpe Detection and Ranging

A prototype portable seeing and turbulence monitor based on the SLODAR method was developed for ESO by Richard Wilson from CfAI , Durham (UK). 

Results, Paranal(Feb.05, -)
SLODAR@Tololo Nov.'04 (pdf) , report on the test campaign at Tololo, comparison with DIMM, MASS and SODAR (picture and database)

February 4, 2005: Tim Butterley (CfAI Durham) preparing for the SLODAR 'first profile' at Paranal

February 9, 2005: SLODAR (left) and MASS (right) cover the whole atmosphere. The 'unsensed' SLODAR layer (brown) is the integral from the high range limit upwards.

February 9, 2005 (continued): SLODAR profile integral (unsensed layer included, dome & telescope turbulence removed) agrees well with DIMM seeing.
MASS profile integral shows the share of the high layers in the total seeing.

Results, Paranal(Feb.05, -)

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