The GSM campaign at Paranal (26Nov-23Dec 1998) used the same instrumentation as one year before at La Silla (28Aug-18Sep 1997)

Measurement of the Wavefront Outer Scale at Paranal ( GSM , Nice University, 27Nov-20Dec 1998). Time series compared to seeing and isoplanatic angle: there is no correlation with either parameter. A median isoplanatic angle of 1.9 arcsec was found during this period of particularly bad seeing (median 0.87 arcsec) at Paranal.

Overall Statistics for the Wavefront Outer Scale at Paranal: a median value of 22m was found.


F. Martin, R. Conan, A. Tokovinin, A. Ziad, H. Trinquet, J. Borgnino, A. Agabi and M. Sarazin; Optical parameter relevant for high angular resolution at Paranal from GSM instrument and surface layer contribution; Astron. Astrophys. Supplement, v.144, p.39-44; June 2000 (pdf).