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ESO Web file formats and associated viewers

At the ESO Web you'll find a range of different file formats - from HTML to PostScript/PDF and MPEG movies. See below for a list of helper applications or viewers to display those formats on your MS Windows, Macintosh or Unix computer.

Format Viewer/Helper Application
PostScript (.ps) You can use Ghostscript and ghostview/GSview to view PostScript files (available for MS Windows, Macintosh and Unix platforms).
PDF (.pdf) To display PDF files you can either use Adobe Acrobat Reader, XPDF or Ghostscript (available for MS Windows, Macintosh and Unix platforms).
Gzip (.gz, .Z) ESO application forms are compressed using GNU gzip. Please visit the GZIP home page to download a version for your OS/platform.
MPEG (.mpg, .mpeg) MPEG is a way to code audio-visual information a digital format. For Unix platforms, you can use UC Berkeley's mpeg_play. For other platforms please consult the MPEG player overview at www.mpeg.org.

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