OMEGACAM CALSELECTOR calibration cascades

These rule files cover the raw2master mode.

If several versions exist, each version is valid between the listed start date and the date of the next version. For instance,
if a rule exists with start date 2004-03-28 and another version with start date 2008-04-01, then the older rule applies to all science
data between 2004-03-28 and the night before 2008-04-01. For science data from 2008-04-01 on, the new version is applicable.

The validity ranges are automatically taken into account by the calSelector tool.
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Select version of calib map:

Calib map/start-dateOCA fileComment
2011-07-08 OMEGACAM_raw2master.2011-07-08.RLS applicable to the data since commissioning
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