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Association Blocks

Association Blocks

An Association Block (AB) contains for a set of raw frames all information about associated other files. The most important pieces of information are:

It also hosts information about pipeline reduction (recipe name, parameters for execution).

The AB is meant to be machine readable. A short form, focusing on the associated calibration products only, is the association log. It is more easily readable by humans.

The syntax of an AB consists of a qualifier (the name of a parameter) and its content:

- The first column has the name of the qualifier.
- The other columns have the content.
- Any text behind a # is considered a comment.

All path information in an AB has been valid during the workflow and is obsolete for the package which has a different structure.

For the user of a data package, only those qualifiers are of potential interest which are marked by 'user'. All others are technical qualifiers which can be ignored.

Qualifier Relevance for the SM user description
TOOL_VERSION   version of tool which created the AB
CONFIG_VERSION   version of configuration file used
INSTRUMENT   read from the input files
DATE user date of raw data
DPR_CATG user value of DPR.CATG of first input raw file
RAW_TYPE   technical type
RECIPE user pipeline recipe name
DRS_TYPE   type of data reduction system (RBS/CPL/REI)
PACK_DIR user name of subdirectory for packing of calibration data
AB_NAME user name of AB
AB_EVENT   technical grouping rule
OBS_PROG_ID user value of OBS.PROG.ID
OBS_ID user value of OBS.ID
MJD-OBS   value of MJD-OBS (start of integration)
MJD-OBS_MOD   calculated from MJD-OBS+EXPTIME/2 (MJD-OBS of middle integration; used for time matching)
PROD_ROOT_NAME   root name of products
RB_NAME   name of Reduction Block (DRS_TYPE = RBS only)
LOG_NAME user name of processing log
# pipeline product path
PROD_PATH   full path name to products
# raw match key
RAW_MATCH_KEY   set of specific keys (name=value) used to group the raw input files
# input file(s)
RAWFILE user column 2: full pathname of input file; column 3: DO_CLASS (used by the pipeline)
# associated raw file(s) (only for SCIENCE; taken from same night only!)
RASSOC user full pathname of associated raw files (e.g. ACQUISITION frames; SCIENCE only);
# product file(s) (with status in calib archive)
PRODUCTS user column 2: final name of product file(s) of this AB
PRODUCTS   column 3: name of archived file(s)
# calib product file(s), required for processing
MCALIB user associated master calibration data, needed for processing
MCALIB   column 2: type (REAL or VIRTUAL); VIRTUAL stands for predicted product names, REAL for existing ones
MCALIB   column 3: full pathname to product
MCALIB   column 4: PRO_CATG of product
MCALIB   column 5: associated AB of that product (pointing to the associated calib raw files)
# addional calib product file(s), used for packing (SCIENCE only)
MASSOC user full pathname to further calibration products required for packing
# parameters for processing
PARAM user name and value of non-default parameter(s) required to execute the recipe
# defined triggers (for REI)
TRIGGER   information for batch queue system
# defined waitfors (for REI)
WAITFOR   information for batch queue system
# associated QC1 parameters stored in QC1 database:
QC1_DB   name of QC1 database table which has QC1 parameters from this AB
# further associated information:
FURTHER_... user name(s) of associated further information (e.g. QC1 plots)
# status of AB
AB_STATUS user messages about creation, execution, update of this AB
# ============== RB section starts here ============================ (only until April 2008)
RB_CONTENT (only until April 2008)   full Reduction Block content extracted from this AB (for better human readibility)
# ============== SOF section starts here ============================
SOF_CONTENT   full SOF (set of frames) file content extracted from this AB (for better readibility)

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