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Association logs

Association logs

The association log contains a list of calibration products used to process a raw file (or a set of raw files). It is a table containing a header and one line per calibration product. Although it is designed to be machine readable, it may also be of some direct interest for the user. It could e.g. be used to assess the "association quality" which in general is related to the proximity of epochs between processed and associated files: the smaller the time gap, the closer are the physical, ambient and atmospheric conditions between science and calibration data.

The header of the association log contains the name of the association block, a data type tag, a setup tag, and the flag COMPLETE or INCOMPLETE (in case of missing calibrations). INCOMPLETE associations may have been processed nevertheless, since some associations may be optional.

The other entries list line by line:

EVAL: a time match flag (evaluation of a configured criterion for time matches; OK or NOK)

TYPE: there are MCALIB associations (required for processing) and MASSOCs (additional calibration products, not required for processing but maybe useful e.g. for quality assessment)

FLAG: not relevant here (always REAL)

MCALIB_FILE: name of associated calibration product, as is also used in the package

PRO_CATG: product category, fundamental classification of product class

DT: delta_T in days, accounting the time difference between the timestamps of the processed file(s) and the respective calibration product. This number is evaluated in EVAL (OK if within configured time range). 


GIRAF.2007-10-13T03:29:13.092.ab SCI_MED Medusa1_L543.1 COMPLETE 
OK MCALIB REAL GI_MBIA_071012A_1x1.fits MASTER_BIAS 0.549 OK MCALIB REAL GI_MDRK_071010A_1x1.fits MASTER_DARK -1.462
OK MCALIB REAL GI_PLOW_071012A_Medusa1_L543.1nm_o3.fits FF_LOCWIDTH 0.458
OK MCALIB REAL GI_PLOC_071012A_Medusa1_L543.1nm_o3.fits FF_LOCCENTROID 0.458
OK MCALIB REAL GI_PFEX_071012A_Medusa1_L543.1nm_o3.fits FF_EXTSPECTRA 0.458
OK MCALIB REAL GI_PFEE_071012A_Medusa1_L543.1nm_o3.fits FF_EXTERRORS 0.458 OK MCALIB REAL GI_PDIS_071012A_Medusa1_L543.1nm_o3.fits DISPERSION_SOLUTION 0.462
OK MCALIB REAL slit_geometry_Medusa1_L543.1_o3.tfits SLIT_GEOMETRY_SETUP
OK MASSOC REAL GI_PAES_071012A_Medusa1_L543.1nm_o3.fits ARC_EXTSPECTRA 0.462
OK MASSOC REAL GI_PRBS_071012A_Medusa1_L543.1nm_o3.fits ARC_RBNSPECTRA 0.462

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