FORS1 trending system: HISTORY plot
Last update: 2007-10-24T13:22:19 (UT)
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Source* Average [info] Thresholds [info] N_data Data downloads Remarks
method value unit method value
1 QC1DB none   mag none   53 this | last_yr | all Frame zeropoint from e-/sec (more than 1 star; Garching)
1 QC1DB none   mag none   0 this | last_yr | all Frame zeropoint from e-/sec (1 star only; Garching)
1 QC1DB MEDIAN 27.980 mag 3SIG± 0.049 3 this | last_yr | all Frame zeropoint from e-/sec (photometric nights only; Garching)
2 QC1DB MEDIAN 0.012 mag 3SIG± 0.054 53 this | last_yr | all error of frame zeropoint from e-/sec (Garching)
*Data sources: QC1DB: QC1 database; LOCAL: local text file
This plot

Trending is done only for the SR collimator. For the old CCD (until 2007-03-25) only 1x1 binning data are trended. For the new CCDs (since 2007-04-01) only 2x2 binning data are trended. Photometric nights are selected from the Absorption Monitor. Zeropoints are per frame for flux in e-/sec, not in ADU. Do not use these zeropoints for science data. They are reduced assuming a standard extinction value, which may not be correct for an individual night!  

General information

Click on any of the plots to see a close-up version. The latest date is indicated on top of the plot, data points belonging to that date are specially marked.

If configured,

  • statistical averages are indicated by a solid line, and thresholds by broken lines
  • outliers are marked by a red asterisk. They are defined as data points outside the threshold lines
  • "aliens" (= data points outside the plot Y limits) are marked by a red arrow ( or )
  • you can download the data for each parameter set if the 'Data downloads' link shows up