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Average ? Thresholds ? N_
method value unit method value
1 QC1DB no MEDIAN 5865.59668 Å VAL5866.2,5867.6 61 central_wlen this | last_yr | all C1 (GG435)
2 QC1DB no MEDIAN 5871.85742 Å VAL5872.8,5874.2 61 central_wlen this | last_yr | all C2 (GG435)
*Data sources: QC1DB: QC1 database; LOCAL: local text file | **OPS: to indicate that OPSLOG data are included
This plot

After the wavelength calibration is obtained from a MOS arc lamp exposure, the wavelength corresponding to the center of the CCD is computed (only if all slitlets are in the center of the CCD). The values trended here are for the 300V grism with a slit width of 1.0" and the GG435 order separation filter.  

General information

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