GIRAFFE long-term calibrations monitor

how to execute

This is an overview of the current age of GIRAFFE long-term calibrations. These are calibrations which are not triggered by science data but by the maintenance part of the calibration plan. This list includes maintenance, technical and Health Check calibrations.

type of calibration description validity (days) current age of last calibration (days) evaluation
DETECTOR_MONdetector monitoring template30 3.4OK
DARKmonthly set of 3 darks, 3600 sec each30 4.1OK
ARGUS_STD_EFFICefficiency monitoring; STD,OzPoz in six settings30 32.2REMINDER: take as soon as possible, outdated

type of calibration: tag defining the type of calibration
description:description of data
validity:as configured (follows the definition in the calibration plan)
current age of last calibrationage of last calibration found, in days
evaluation:recommended action
OK/green: within 30% of validity, no need for action;
soft REMINDER/yellow: within validity but less than 30%, refresh on next occasion;
REMINDER/yellow: outdated but less than 30%, refresh on next occasion;
REMINDER/red: outdated by more than 30%, refresh as soon as possible
nothing found in last 12 months: most likely a configuration error