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ISAAC pipeline:
old (up to 2005) product naming scheme

List of codes for ISAAC pipeline products

Names of calibration products follow a certain naming convention. This is done to have human-readable names rather than archive or original file names. The naming scheme has been chosen to have the type of product, its date of creation, and its pipeline-relevant parameter values all recognizable from its name. With period 67, also an instrument code is added.

Instrument code

With the begin of period 67 (2001-04-01), all ISAAC calibration product names start with IS_ in order to be able to distinguish between, e.g., spectroscopic flat frames from FORS and ISAAC in case of archive downloads. The other VLT instruments follow the same scheme, i.e. their calibration products also start with a 2letter instrument code.

All earlier files delivered carry the old names without instrument code.

Type of product

The type of product is coded with four letters:
1st letterS or Lshort or long wavelength arm
2nd letter.I, S.or Gimaging, spectroscopy or generic

The following types of calibration products presently exist *)

CodeType of file
IS_SIDKshort wavelength imaging dark
IS_SITFshort wavelength imaging twilight flat
IS_GIZPshort wavelength generic imaging zero point
IS_SSDKshort wavelength spectroscopic dark
IS_SIILshort wavelength imaging illumination
IS_SSFLshort wavelength spectroscopic flat low resolution
IS_SSFMshort wavelength spectroscopic flat medium resolution
IS_SSALshort wavelength spectroscopic arc table low resolution
IS_SSAMshort wavelength spectroscopic arc table medium resolution
IS_SSSLshort wavelength spectroscopic standard low resolution

short wavelength spectroscopic standard medium resolution

IS_SSSTshort wavelength spectroscopy startrace

long wavelength generic dark DoubleCorrelatedHigh readout

IS_LGDUlong wavelength generik dark Uncorr readout
IS_LGDFlong wavelength generic dark Fowlersampling readout
IS_LITFlong wavelength imaging twilight flat
IS_LISFlong wavelength imaging sky flat
IS_LIZPlong wavelength imaging zero point
IS_LIILlong wavelength imaging illumination
IS_LILIlong wavelength imaging linearity
IS_LSALlong wavelength spectroscopic arc tabler low resolution
IS_LSAMlong wavelength spectroscopic arc table medium resolution
IS_LSFLlong wavelength spectroscopic flat low resolution
IS_LSFMlong wavelength spectroscopic flat medium resolution
IS_LSSTlong wavelength spectroscopy startrace

The following types of science products presently exist:
CodeType of file
IS_SIJCshort wavelength imaging jittered coadded
IS_SSCLshort wavelength spectroscopy coadded LowRes grating
IS_SSCMshort wavelength spectroscopy coadded MedRes grating

long wavelength imaging jittered coadded

IS_LSCLlong wavelength spectroscopy coadded LowRes grating
IS_LSCMlong wavelength spectroscopy coadded MedRes grating

Date of origin, version

The date of origin is identical to the date of the raw data measurement. It is coded as, e.g., YYMMDD (e.g. 000915 for Oct 15, 2000). The version of a file is indicated by capital letters always starting with A.

Instrumental parameters

Those parameters which are relevant for the specific type of calibration product are included in its name.



2D product images contain the .fits extension. 1D data with the .tfits extension are given in fits table format. The pipeline provides in addition VLT compliant plain ASCII parameter files with the .paf extension. Extractions of the eclipse log file are given with a .log extension. The pipeline jitter and spjitter recipes produce in addition ini files with the .ini extension and a status file with the .ascii extension. The calibration associtiation tools provide a calibration list with the .calibs extension.

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