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PROFILE of the MIDI Spectra

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The recipe midi_profile is applied to chopped PHOTOMETRY frames. For each window on the detector (Data1, Data2 for HIGH_SENS) and Data1 to Data4 for SCI_PHOT, a profile is identified and a mask is created. The recipe calculates the y position of the mask and the maximum intensity of the normalized profile in 5 different bins.

The recipe midi_profile can also be used on a large number of photometry files to produce a master mask profile.

Spectrum position and height

QC1 parameters

  • Spectrum position: Since the beginning of MIDI operations, the PRISM is slowly tilting inside the instrument. The vertical position of the spectrum for the PRISM is shifting down by around 1 pixel each year. The QC parameters are given for 5 different binned wavelength. The bin3 (around 10.46 microns) is shown in the HC plots.
  • Spectrum height: The spectrum width is also calculated by the recipe and the intensity at the center of the spectrum is given for several wavelength (QC.Y1.MAXSUM.BINx). VLTI is sometimes affected by vibrations of one of the telescope. In this case the spectrum is wider in the vertical direction and the maximum intensity drops down.


  • 2010-06-16 The readout window has been shifted upward by 7 pixels for the PRISM to compensate for the drift and to bring the spectrum back to the center of the detector.

Reference intensities from the past have been:

    Mode Dispersion from to win1 win2 win3 win4
    HIGH_SENS PRISM 2009-05-10 2009-09 3.209 3.216    
        2009-07-01 2009-09 3.216 3.189    
        2009-09 2009-09 3.149 3.119    
      GRISM 2006-05 2009-09 7.108 7.209    
    SCI_PHOT PRISM 2009-04-19 2009-09 3.029 3.061 3.111 3.063
        2009-07-01 2009-09 3.057 3.026 3.197 3.124
        2009-09 2009-09 3.079 3.414 3.496 4.038
      GRISM 2007-04-22 2009-09 5.212 7.568 7.614 7.198


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