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NACO pipeline:
product naming scheme

List of codes for NACO pipeline products

Names of calibration products follow a certain naming convention. The below convention applies to products created before January 1, 2006. For naming scheme of products produced after that date look here .

This is done to have human-readable names rather than archive names (like NACO.2002-07-22T08:15:15.123.fits) or original file names (like NACO_0135.fits). The naming scheme has been chosen to have the type of product, its date of creation, and its pipeline-relevant parameter values all recognizable from its name. With period 67, also an instrument code is added.

Instrument code

With the begin of period 70 (2002-10-01), all NACO calibration product names start with NC_ in order to be able to distinguish between, e.g., spectroscopic flat frames from FORS and NACO in case of archive downloads. The other VLT instruments follow the same scheme, i.e. their calibration products also start with a 2letter instrument code.

Starting from November 5, 2004 all NACO dark product names include camera as well.

Type of product

The type of product is coded with four letters:
1st letter I or S or D or C or P Imaging, Spectroscopy, Dark, Coronography, Polarimetry
2nd letter .C or O Calibration, Observation


The following types of calibration products presently exist or will exist later*)

Code Type of file
NC_DCAL dark
NC_ICTF twilight flat
NC_ICSF sky flat
NC_ICLF internal lamp flat
NC_ICZP zeropoint
NC_ICSR Strehl ratio*)

arcs *)

NC_SCLF spectroscopy flat *)
NC_SCSS standard star *)
NC_PCLF polarimetry lamp flat*)
NC_PCSS polarimetric standard star*)

*) not supported by the pipeline

The following types of science products presently exist:

Code triggering template
NC_IOAJ NACO_img_obs_AutoJitter
NC_IOGO NACO_img_obs_GenericOffset
NC_IOFO NACO_img_obs_FixedSkyOffset
NC_IOJO NACO_img_obs_AutoJitterOffset
NC_SOAN NACO_spec_obs_AutopNodOnSlit*)
NC_SOGO NACO_spec_obs_GenericOffset*)
NC_POGO NACO_pol_obs_GenericOffset*)
NC_COST NACO_coro_obs_Stare*)
NC_COAC NACO_coro_obs_AutoChopNod*)

* spectroscopy is not yet supported by the pipeline

Date of origin, version

The date of origin is identical to the date of the raw data measurement. It is coded as, e.g., YYMMDD (e.g. 000915 for Oct 15, 2000). The version of a file is indicated by capital letters always starting with A. It is necessary to identify settings which has been taken twice or more times wihin 24 hours.

Instrumental parameters


<dit> is the DET.DIT key, a floating point number, where the dot '.' is replaced by an underscore and all zeros are omitted. <ncorrs> is the DET.NCORRS.NAME, where the values Uncorr, FowlerNsamp, and Double_RdRstRd are abbreviated as UC, FS, and DR. <mode> is the DET.INS.MODE, also abbreviated to HS, HD, and HB, and having ther meaning of HighSensitivity, HighDynamic, and HighBackground. Example names are:


<std> is the OBS.NAME key, camera is the INS.OPTI7.NAME key and <dichroic> is the AOS.INS.DIC.POSNAME. Example is:




internal flat screeen lamp exposures don't pass the AO dichroics







The <specmode> is the SEQ.SPECMODE key, which itself contains the camera, the grism number and the filter. The <slit> is the INS.OPTI1.NAME and is abbreviated to S86 or F13. Example is NC_SCLA_030228B_L54_1_LP_S86




Example is NC_SOAN_021113C_S54_2_SK_S86_VIS_2356, where camera S54 is used together with grism 5, filter SK the VIS dichroics and OB 2356.



2D product images contain the .fits extension. 1D data with the .tfits extension are given in fits table format. The pipeline provides in addition VLT compliant plain ASCII parameter files with the .paf extension. Extractions of the eclipse log file are given with a .log extension. The pipeline jitter recipes produce in addition ini files with the .ini extension and a status file with the .ascii extension. The calibration associtiation tools provide a calibration list with the .calibs extension.

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