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OB comments

OB comments

This file contains an extraction of useful nightlog information, plus a QC0 report of the acquired data. This information is duplicated from the overview NIGHTLOG.html report and is specific to an OB. If an OB has been executed multiple times, relevant information is collected here from each execution.


1. OB grade and nightlog entries

The OB grade is given by the observatory staff right after the observation.
OBs are graded in SM only. OBs taken in VM always get grade X (unknown).

SUMMARY of OB grades and nightlog entries for OB 350825 in night 2007-01-06:

350825       06:06    07:01    072.D-0630(F)    FLAMES       A     LMC_Field15       

OB ID   : 350825      
UT start: 06:06     
RUN ID  : 072.D-0630(F) 
OB Name : LMC_Field15           
   *** Instrument    : FLAMES          
   *** Target        : LMC_Field15 
   *** Classification: A)Fully within specifications   
   *** Comments      : 
   	 Guide-probe seeing ~0.7"        
   *** Time started : 06:06           
   *** Time finished: 07:01           
   *** constraints:
                  Requested   Fulfilled?
   Seeing          : 0.80      Yes   
   Airmass         : 1.80      Yes   
   FLI             : 1.00      Yes   
   Moon distance   : 50        Yes   
   Sky transparency: 2CLR      Yes   
   Strehl ratio    : 0.000     N/A   
2. Comparison of user-specified constraints and measured values 
   (for SCIENCE data taken in ServiceMode only)

targt: user-specified constraint
measd: measured value  on Paranal
F:     OK (if within 10% of the nominal value) or NOK

MOON_DIST and FLI: filled only if the moon was above the horizon (otherwise N/A)

Seeing: If the alarm flag ("NOK") is set in the SEEING column, the DIMM seeing value was larger than
the seeing constraint during the indicated obseration.  However, in many cases, the delivered seeing in the instrument
focal plane is better than the DIMM seeing.  Whenever possible, the on-site observer has measured the focal plane
immediately after execution to determine the success or failure of the observation. Thus, observations may have been
completed within specifications, even if the SEEING alarm flag is set.

FILE_NAME                          | OB_ID  | AIRM           | MOON_DIST      | FLI            | SEEING        | SKY_TRANSP
                                   |        | targt measd F  | targt msd   F  | targt msd   F  | targt msd F   | targt msd F
GIRAF.2007-01-06T04:16:34.112.fits | 350825 | 1.800 1.494 OK | 50.0  N/A   OK | 1.000 N/A   OK | 0.80 0.69 OK | 2CLR 2CLR OK | 

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