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SINFONI trending system: HEALTH CHECK report
Last update: 2018-05-27T02:04:48 (UT)
  | now: 2018-05-27T04:10:00 (UT) muc04 QC pipeline: sinfo-3.1.0b3 (installed 2018-02-08)
same group: psf_flux psf_strehl psf_persistence psf_center
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Average ? Thresholds ? N_
method value unit method value
1 QC1DB MEDIAN 2.94 pixels VAL0.0,25.0 229 qc_center_offset this | last_yr | all distance of detected PSF star from nominal field center (pixels)
*Data sources: QC1DB: QC1 database; LOCAL: local data source
Plot 1
scores: 2|
data source:sinfoni_psf
(QC1 database)
fixed thresholds:0.0...25.0pixels
N_data plotted:229
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This plot

These are the trending plots for the SINFONI QC parameters derived from the PSF calibration frames. PSF standard star monitoring has been implemented beginning 2009-05-01.

The intent is to monitor the MINIMUM flux of the PSF star to insure that it has an adequate S/N. Flux levels should be above 3 ADU/pixel within a 3 sigma aperture for the K and H+K-band. In the case of the J and H-band PSF stars, the minimum allowed flux level is 2 ADU/pixel within a 3 sigma aperture.

The PSF standard star is often used to test the centering of science exposures. Therefore, we monitor the radial offset from the nominal field center: R = sqrt[ (x-x0)^2 + (y-y0)^2 ].

Find more information about SINFONI PSF calibration data here.

Other QC parameters are also trended here.  

General information

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The latest date is indicated on top of the plot.

If configured,

  • data points belonging to the latest date are specially marked
  • statistical averages are indicated by a solid line, and thresholds by broken lines
  • outliers are marked by a red asterisk. They are defined as data points outside the threshold lines
  • "aliens" (= data points outside the plot Y limits) are marked by a red arrow ( or )
  • you can download the data for each parameter set if the 'Data downloads' link shows up