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UVES pipeline:
cosmic ray mask table


The cosmic ray mask created by the UVES pipeline in the course of optimal extraction. For each column on the raw, properly oriented frame, a PSF is fitted which rejects any non-Gaussian artefacts (e.g. cosmic ray hits). This holds the coordinates and flux values of the rejected pixels. Coordinates are in order-binl space, i.e. X coordinate refers to original (raw) frame pixel value, Y coordinate refers to slit coordinate.

This table may be useful, in cases of long exposure times, to assess the quality of the extraction and analyze the result spectrum.

The table has the following columns:

column name parameter content
ORDER order number counting from 1 to N where N is the maximum number
X X coordinate X coordinate of identified hit
Y y position Y position (slit coordinate, order-bin space) of identified hit
FLUX signal flux value of identified hit

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