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VIMOS trending system: HISTORY plot
Last update: 2011-03-13T03:14:46 (UT)
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Average ? Thresholds ? N_
method value unit method value
1 QC1DB MEDIAN 2.6292 pix VAL2.4,3.0 76 iq_mean_cell7 this | last_yr | all average image quality in cell 7 (upper left)
2 QC1DB MEDIAN 2.35654 pix VAL2.0,2.6 76 iq_mean_cell9 this | last_yr | all average image quality in cell 9 (upper right)
3 QC1DB MEDIAN 2.14058 pix VAL2.0,2.4 76 iq_mean_cell5 this | last_yr | all average image quality in cell 5 (centre)
4 QC1DB MEDIAN 2.75389 pix VAL2.6,3.2 76 iq_mean_cell1 this | last_yr | all average image quality in cell 1 (lower left)
5 QC1DB MEDIAN 2.50349 pix VAL2.2,2.8 76 iq_mean_cell3 this | last_yr | all average image quality in cell 3 (lower right)
*Data sources: QC1DB: QC1 database; LOCAL: local text file
Plot 1
data source:vimos_mask2ccd
(QC1 database)
parameter | dataset:iq_mean_cell7
fixed thresholds:2.4...3.0pix
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Plot 2
data source:vimos_mask2ccd
(QC1 database)
parameter | dataset:iq_mean_cell9
fixed thresholds:2.0...2.6pix
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Plot 3
data source:vimos_mask2ccd
(QC1 database)
parameter | dataset:iq_mean_cell5
fixed thresholds:2.0...2.4pix
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Plot 4
data source:vimos_mask2ccd
(QC1 database)
parameter | dataset:iq_mean_cell1
fixed thresholds:2.6...3.2pix
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Plot 5
data source:vimos_mask2ccd
(QC1 database)
parameter | dataset:iq_mean_cell3
fixed thresholds:2.2...2.8pix
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This plot

Trending plots for monitoring the VIMOS focus.

The daily focus check is performed on the same data that is measured to determine the mask to CCD coefficients. SExtractor is called to determine image quality (in pixels), ellipticity, and orientation of the pinhole images. There are two plots that show the mean values for each quadrant for image quality and ellipticity and four plots with the image quality in the centre and the corners of each quadrant.

The image quality is measured as the FWHM of the major axis of the pinhole ellipse. Please note that the mask to CCD calibrations are only measured once per day. Any change of the focus quality during the night cannot be seen. Science data should still be examined carefully in order to ensure nominal image quality.

Scoring is enabled only for averaged image quality, averaged ellipticity, and for the image quality in cell 5 (centre of each quadrant).

Especially for Q2 and Q3, ellipticity seems to be temperature dependent.

Template ID: img_tec_MaskToCcd. Pipeline recipe: vmmasktoccd (requires pipeline version 2.5.5 or higher).  

General information

Click on any of the plots to see a close-up version. The latest date is indicated on top of the plot, data points belonging to that date are specially marked.

If configured,

  • statistical averages are indicated by a solid line, and thresholds by broken lines
  • outliers are marked by a red asterisk. They are defined as data points outside the threshold lines
  • "aliens" (= data points outside the plot Y limits) are marked by a red arrow ( or )
  • you can download the data for each parameter set if the 'Data downloads' link shows up