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Quality Control and
Trend analysis

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Quality Control and Trend analysis

Trending & QC1

Trending means following the evolution of data and instrument quality with time.

The main goals of ESO data quality control (QC) are:

  • to know the instrument status (health checks)
  • to monitor it over time (trending)
  • to deliver data of known and defined quality (certification).

The QC process uses data processing pipelines. These support all VLT/VLTI instruments and all major modes. More ...

The ESO QC process is a distributed process. Currently data delivery to ESO headquarters in Garching takes 10 days on average. Therefore the most fundamental QC checks (so-called QC0) must be done on-site and in near-real time, by the daytime and night-time astronomers. They are supported by the Health Check monitor.

More complete and in-depth checks (QC1, trending) are done at ESO headquarters in Garching by the Quality Control Group. The complete trending history of each VLT instrument is also maintained here.

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