SOFI Exposure Time Calculator

Infrared Short Wavelength Imaging Mode Version 6.0.0
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Input Flux Distribution

 Uniform (constant with wavelength)
 Blackbody: Temperature:  Kelvin

Object Magnitude:  Vega  AB

 Single line
	Wavelength:  nm
	Flux:        10-16 ergs/s/cm2 (per arcsec2 for extended sources)
	FWHM:        nm 
Spatial Distribution: Point Source    Extended Source
Magnitudes are given per square arcsec for extended sources

Sky Conditions

Seeing/Image Quality:
For point sources, the resulting Image Quality FWHM is modeled by the ETC considering the transfer functions of the atmosphere, telescope and instrument. See the helpfile for details.
Seeing: arcsec FWHM in V-band at zenith (use this value in the proposal)
              Probability ---% of realising the seeing ≤ 0.80 arcsec
IQ: arcsec (to be used for the OB constraint set)
              The corresponding seeing and probability will be indicated in the ETC output page
Image Quality is not a parameter in AO modes

Instrument Setup

Wide Band:
Narrow Band:

Selecting the filter sets the observation band



S/N ratio: S/N: DIT: s
The minimum DIT is 0.0032 s
Exposure Time: NDIT:

The total exposure time is the product of DIT (Detector Integration Time) by NDIT (number of DITs). Instrument and telescope overheads are not taken into account.

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Detector Illumination
S/N as a function of Exposure Time
Total Efficiency
S/N as a function of seeing (only for point-source)
Input spectrum in physical units