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GIRAFFE Exposure Time Calculator

Optical Multi-Object Spectroscopy Mode Version 5.1.0
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Source Model

Input Flux Distribution:
Uniform (constant with wavelength) Target Magnitude (Vega System):
=  Vega
Magnitudes are given per arcsec2
for extended sources.
Template Spectrum:
Redshift z =
Blackbody: Temperature : K
Source Geometry: Point Source  
Extended Source The magnitude (or flux) is given per arcsec2 for extended sources

Sky Conditions

Days From New Moon:   Airmass:   Seeing: arcsec (range: [ 0.30 ; 3.00 ])

Instrument Setup

Fiber Mode (Sky Sampling):

MEDUSA mode only: Object-fiber displacement: arcsec (range: [ 0.00 ; 0.60 ]).
In other modes, this value is irrelevant and has no effect.

High resolution: Setup (λc):
Low resolution: Setup (λc):
Detector: Carreras CCD mode:


 S/N:			Value    Plotting range  %
 Exposure Time (s):	Value    Plotting range  %

Plots: Toggle All / No Plots Object Spectrum Sky Spectrum Input spectrum in physical units Signal-to-noise Total Efficiency and Wavelength Range

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