Procedure for ALMA Software Board (a.k.a. ALMA SCCB )

  1. The date for next meeting is announced to Board (Brian, Gianni and Mick)and Package responsibles 10-15 days before the meeting. With the same e-mail the list of SPRs titles is circulated and Package responsibles are asked to append comments within 1 week before the meeting.
  2. 4 days before the meeting the full SPR list is printed and sent to (informing implicitly everybody about the meeting date and SPRs going to be discussed there)

  3. 2 days before the meeting the (possibly) updated list is circulated once more (to and considered frozen for the meeting.

    With the same mail a reminder for date a time of the meeting is sent. If no new comments appeared, only the reminder is circulated.

Some more information: the responsible person for the ALMA SPR boards will be found at the address:
For every question regarding the SPR systems, please refer to that address. Every ALMA SPR board will be held via telephone call. The number to be used is:

001 505 835 7940