La Silla-Paranal Subpanel Meeting Garching, 22 October 2018

Draft Agenda (Version 1.1, 04.10.18)

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22 October
09:00   Opening of the meeting (M. Ireland)
09:10   Report from the data flow review (M. Sterzik)
09:30   Proposal for distributed peer reviewing (M. Kissler-Patig)
  New Science Operations Policy (B. Leibundgut/A. Mérand)
10:00   Discussion
10:30 Coffee break    
11:00   SOXS and NIRPS status (H.-U. Käufl)
11:20   QUEST2 Proposal for La Silla (A. Kaufer/B. Leibundgut)
11:40   ESO Surveys (B. Leibundgut)
11:50   4MOST planning (V. Mainieri)
12:00   VLT/I in 2030 workshop (A. Mérand/B. Leibundgut)  
12:10   Discussion  
12:45 Lunch    
14:00   Paranal Instrumentation Overview (L. Pasquini) Cou-1796
14:30   ESPRESSO commissioning (G. Lo Curto)
14:45   CRIRES update (R. Dorn)
  MATISSE commissioning (A. Glindemann)
  NAOMI update (F. Gonté)
15:30   Discussion  
16:00 Coffee break    
16:30   NEAR at UT4 (R. Arsenault)  
16:50   UT4 timeline of instrument changes (A. Smette)
17:00   New AO Instrument - status (R. Arsenault)  
17:10   Discussion  
18:00   End of meeting  


Cou-1513 rev Terms of Reference of the La Silla Paranal Sub-Committee (LSP) to the STC
Cou-1513 rev Rules of Procedure for the Scientific Technical Committee (STC) Subcommittees
STC-616A-DOO rev1 Directorate of Operations Fact Sheets
STC-616B-PIP Paranal Instrumentation Programme Fact Sheets
STC-616C-DSC Directorate for Science Fact Sheets
STC-617* Schmidt hosted telescope proposal
Cou-1796 Paranal Instrumentation Programme Plan and 6 monthly Report