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19 Shkurt 2014

A new image from ESO’s La Silla Observatory in Chile shows the bright star cluster Messier 7. Easily spotted with the naked eye close to the tail of the constellation of Scorpius, it is one of the most prominent open clusters of stars in the sky — making it an important astronomical research target.

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19 Shkurt 2014

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ESOcast 63: Flexible Giants — The Evolution of Telescope Mirrors

19 Shkurt 2014: In our latest episode of the ESOcast, we delve into the history of telescope mirrors and their evolution over time. Enormous telescope mirrors allow astronomers to peer much deeper into ...

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Exoplanet Imager SPHERE Shipped to Chile

18 Shkurt 2014: SPHERE — the Spectro-Polarimetric High-contrast Exoplanet REsearch instrument — is a powerful new facility for finding and studying exoplanets. The instrument has recently successfully completed testing in France, passed preliminary acceptance by ...

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Austrian Superfast Adaptive Optics Algorithms for the E-ELT

13 Shkurt 2014: As part of the Austrian contribution when it joined ESO, a specialist team from institutes in Linz [1] has developed adaptive optics algorithms and software methods that are much faster ...

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3D Printing of VLT Components

10 Shkurt 2014: ESO has recently utilised the innovative technology of 3D printing [1] to manufacture moulds for the casting of two new telescope components. These are required for the MUSE instrument on ...

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10 Shkurt 2014
Fantastic Mr Fox

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