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9 Prill 2014

Astronomers using ESO’s Very Large Telescope in Chile have captured this eye-catching image of planetary nebula PN A66 33 — usually known as Abell 33. Created when an aging star blew off its outer layers, this beautiful blue bubble is, by chance, aligned with a foreground star, and bears an uncanny resemblance to a diamond engagement ring. This cosmic gem is unusually symmetric, appearing to be almost circular on the sky.

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09 Prill 2014

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Award for ESO Headquarters Extension Architects Auer Weber

04 Prill 2014: Auer Weber has won a Best in Interior and Architecture award for the ESO Headquarters extension project at the Architecture, Interior, Technical Solutions (AIT), Awards 2014. After being shortlisted as ...

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Rick Astley Visits ESO in Santiago

08 Prill 2014: Rick Astley, the British pop singer and songwriter, visited the ESO offices at Vitacura in Santiago de Chile, on 7 April 2014. Astley — who sold more than 40 million records ...

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