YEPUN is receiving its Mirror

The "M1 Dummy" has been detached from the mechanical structure of YEPUN and rests on the observing floor below the telescope. (This digital photo was obtained on January 4, 2000). The "M1 Dummy" was mounted on the telescope frame for balance during the mechanical assembly was removed on January 4. The next day, it was transported down to the Base Camp storage area where it was lifted off the Carriage using a combination of two cranes. The empty M1 Carriage was then moved to the Mirror Maintenance Building (MMB) where the fourth M1 Cell with a dummy concrete mirror was loaded. Later that day it was transported up to YEPUN and the next morning (January 6), the Mirror Cell was moved inside the enclosure. Over the next weeks, it will be fitted to the back of the telescope structure. In parallel, the "M2 Unit" on which the 1.1-m secondary mirror of beryllium will later be mounted, is now being assembled in the Integration Laboratory in the MMB.



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