ESO and AMOS sign contract for the VLTI Auxiliary Telescopes

This picture shows a model of an Auxiliary Telescope during Relocation from one observing station to another. The Transporter carries the Telescope via a rail network that connects all 30 stations. The Relocation is a complex operation that involves quite a few steps. First, the Telescope inside the closed Enclosure is undocked from the ground and lifted by jacks that are located on the Transporter. The electrical cables to the station are disconnected and power is supplied by the on-board battery set. The Transporter is then unlocked and moved sideways so that the Coudé Relay Optics Box can be lifted up from inside the station. This box can be seen in the photo after it has been lifted on the left side of the Transporter. The lid that protects the station (the white octagon) is then placed on top of the station. Next, the Transporter is moved along the rails to the chosen station. This movement may include a rail crossing at which the Transporter wheels are first lifted, then rotated by 90° and again placed on the tracks in the perpendicular direction. When reaching the desired station, the station lid is opened, the Coudé Relay Optics is lowered inside the station pit and the Telescope and Transporter are anchored to their respective foundations. The positioning accuracy of the various mechanisms is so good that no local re-alignment should be necessary, although this can be done remotely from the control room before the next observation. During the Relocation itself, the control of the Transporter is done locally from a handset by one or two operators.



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