ALMA antennas The occultation of the dwarf planet Eris in November 2010 Unrecognisable Paranal Residencia Twilight at Cerro Armazones Wide-angle view of the ESO 3.6-metre telescope New Temporary Offices at ESO Headquarters Garden and swimming pool at the Paranal Residencia
Twilight at Paranal 360° panorama of the VLT platform at sunset Dramatic Moonset La Silla Observatory Star factories in the distant Universe (artist’s impression) Behind the scenes of Around the World in 80 Telescopes VLT Test Camera in Integration Lab
VLTI tunnel The Paranal observing platform in Chile Chajnantor - the site for ALMA E-ELT in its Enclosure Penitentes Ice Formations Trumpler 14 in the Carina Nebula The star cluster Terzan 5
Artist’s impression of a gamma-ray burst Comet McNaught Planetary System Around HD 69830 Star Ejected from the Large Magellanic Cloud (Artist''s View) DEM L 159 Nebula and KMHK 840 and 831 Starclusters in the LMC M100 / NGC 4321 Interferometric Tunnel
The VLT Images a "Rectangular" Planetary Nebula Aerial view of the ESO Headquarters E-ELT groundbreaking event November night at Paranal HAWK-I at VLT during the UHD Expedition Auxiliary Telescope at Paranal Gazing into the Deep
Alien ALMA Violet Universe Panorama of the VLT in Action ESO’s La Silla Observatory Surface map of Luhman 16B recreated from VLT observations Cerro Armazones at sunset Ocean Of Blue
The Galactic Centre and Bulge above the ESO 3.6-metre telescope Celebrating the Telescope of the Future Celebrating the Telescope of the Future Celebrating the Telescope of the Future Building the Telescope of the Future Building the Telescope of the Future ALMA Operations Support Facility
Road to La Silla The VLT's Laser Guide Star and star trails ESO's Very Large Telescope Santiago Aerial View of Cerro Paranal Screenshot from IMAX® 3D movie Hidden Universe showing the ALMA antennas Artist's impression of the Gliese 667C system
Rainbow over the ALMA site Cerro Armazones home of the future E-ELT Cerro Armazones Observatory Earth Shadows over Paranal ALMA central office Small Garden Panorama Panorama inside UT3's dome
Panorama inside the dome Panorama inside a Unit Telescope Panorama of VISTA from the inside Inside VISTA ALMA Antennae with Stunning Mountain Backdrop La Silla Glowing stars
360 degree Paranal panorama Sunset at La Silla APEX panorama AT3 at Paranal VLT 4LGSF Laser Launch Telescope Aerial view of ESO headquarters Star trails at Cerro Armazones
ALMA antenna on a transporter The Control Room of the 3.6-metre telescope ALMA Front End Servicing Vehicle and Transporter ALMA antennas on Chajnantor Artists’s impression of one of more than 50 new exoplanets found by HARPS: the rocky super-Earth HD 85512 b The first European antenna for ALMA is handed over to the observatory Contrast at Paranal Residencia
The Paranal Residencia Partial Solar Eclipse over  the  VLT European Commission and EIROforum pledge to extend collaboration The Milky Way seen from the Atacama Desert Dramatic Moonset APEX, the Atacama Pathfinder Experiment, on Chajnantor Cerro Armazones at sunset
The Pipe Nebula La Silla Observatory Comet McNaught and NTT dome VLTI control room Comet McNaught over La Silla VLTI lab Paranal Residencia
The Galactic Glory of NGC 2280 Paranal Observatory
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