Flamingo in the Desert The Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) antennas Stitched panorama view of ALMA Silhouette portrait VST waiting for action APEX with cars Creating an artificial star
ALMA antennas ALMA antennas Star trails at Paranal with laser Teenage galaxies in the distant Universe (unannotated) E-ELT mirror segments under test ESO Brings the Moon Closer to the President Sebastian Piñera in Santiago, Chile The first European antenna for ALMA is handed over to the observatory
Sunlight Enters a VLT Dome An Island in the Desert The entire Large Magellanic Cloud with annotations Great progress for the ALMA Santiago Central Office building The ALMA transporter carrying an antenna at the OSF Starbursting Sculptor Galaxy La Silla Observatory
APEX Image Calendar, December 2010 — Chajnantor at Sunrise Details of the VISTA Fornax Galaxy Cluster image NGC 6193 and NGC 6231: Open Clusters of Stars ALMA night testing ESO Headquarters in Garching Young Asteroids Look Old A virtual 100-metre telescope
The Einstein Cross The Quiet Explosion A Disc in the Ant Nebula A Flared Proto-Planetary Disc (Artist's Impression) The Stellar Cluster Hodge 301 The Supernova Scenario Mercury Transit on May 7, 2003
Mercury Transit on May 7, 2003 The Orion Nebula and Trapezium Cluster (detail) Globular cluster NGC 1261 360-degree panorama of the ESO Headquarters 360-degree panorama of the ESO Headquarters Astronomers enjoying free time E-ELT groundbreaking event
E-ELT groundbreaking event E-ELT groundbreaking event Wrapped Up for the Cool Cosmos Shining Light in ALMA Firing the Laser The Milky Way and the nova Centauri 2013 Final Shot of the Ultra HD Expedition Team
ESO Photo Ambassadors at Chajnantor ESO Photo Ambassadors watching the stars over the VLT Staff Celebrating 25 Years at ESO in 2013 Artist's impression of Luhman 16B recreated from VLT observations Open Dome View of VISTA Paranal from the Mountainside Jewels In The Night Sky
Outdoor Time-Lapse Photography In Progress Artist's illustration of Supernova 1987A ALMA Antennas on the Chajnantor Plateau in northern  Chile The distant active galaxy PKS 1830-211 from Hubble and ALMA The nearby active galaxy NGC 1433 from ALMA and Hubble ALMA view of molecular gas in the centre of NGC1433 Wide-field view of NGC 2014 and NGC 2020 in the Large Magellanic Cloud
The Visible and Infrared Survey Telescope for Astronomy Swirling Stars Artist’s impression of a galaxy accreting material from its surroundings The TRAPPIST telescope at La Silla Panorama outside APEX ALMA antennas at the AEM hangar VST at Paranal
Guesthouse gardens Panorama of Paranal's gym Artist’s impression of the pulsar PSR J0348+0432 and its white dwarf companion Artist’s impression of the pulsar PSR J0348+0432 and its white dwarf companion Artist’s impression of the pulsar PSR J0348+0432 and its white dwarf companion Panorama of the entrance to La Residencia Panoramic view outside the OSF
Sunset with Paranal on the distance Paranal basecamp at dawn Paranal in Paranal Paranal power plant Mechanical workshop at Paranal Panorama at la Cafeteria Atacama oddity
Paranal in the distance Long shadow of science Working on ALMA Cleaning mirrors with CO2 Surveying VISTA from the VST Inside view of a VLT Unit Telescope VLT Unit Telescope from inside
VLT Unit Telescope Planet conjunction in the Atacama Desert Sun's light glinting over APEX Chajnantor plateau Control room at night PARLA Laser at the VLT PARLA laser at the VLT
The nightshift ALMA roadmap
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