APEX antenna Aerial view of ESO headquarters Testing ALMA antennas The ALMA transporter ready to go A Drive Through Time — How telescopes, and cars, have changed at La Silla (present-day image) A Drive Through Time — How telescopes, and cars, have changed at La Silla (historical image) Screenshot of the Back in Time iPad app
Good Morning Paranal Artist’s impression of a gamma-ray burst shining through two young galaxies in the early Universe The Auditorium at ESO Headquarters First European ALMA antenna on its way to Chajnantor ESO's New Compact Laser Guide Star Unit Tested Planetary Conjunction over Paranal Two Japanese Antennas for ALMA
APEX at Night Opening NTT Paranal map and safety La Silla map and safety Inside the VLT Yepun Telescope Winter starry landscape Martian landscape
The first European antenna Sunset at Paranal Antenna pad construction work on Chajnantor, in front of an ALMA antenna Solargraphy at La Silla APEX Image Calendar, June 2010 — ...and then all the sky energy gathers in this little mirror... Snowy ESO Headquarters* E-ELT site testing — Cerro Armazones by night
The system around HR 8799 Comet McNaught Cosmic Bubble NGC 6781 ANTU Enclosure under construction ESO Headquarters NTT mirror being washed ALMA night testing
A Kite in the Southern Sky The Aftermath of a Massive Star's Death in Vela ALMA Antennas at OSF Paranal Residencia Laser at Yepun The Carina Nebula ALMA Transporters
The Gum 29 nebula The Gum 29 nebula A Dark Filament in Scattered Light Shooting a Laser at the Galactic Centre * The double asteroid Antiope The VISTA Camera  Alpha Centauri and the Southern Cross
The Brown Dwarf Object 2M1207 and GPCC Chandra Deep Field South (Detail) Io The VLT Array on the Paranal Mountain Messier 68 FORS Deep Field near Q0103-260 Ultra HD Expedition day 3 - Babak Tafreshi in action
Comet McNaught over the Pacific Ocean Night-time in Paranal Road to Cerro Armazones PARLA laser at the VLT PARLA Laser at the VLT PARLA laser at the VLT Wide-field view of the sky around the planetary nebula Fleming 1
A rabbit Atacama Desert in bloom ALMA Operations Support Facility Working on the ALMA antennas Wide-field view of the sky around NGC 253 The GRAAL main assembly (detail) View of GRAAL as seen from the telescope.
Flying over the ALMA Site: The Array Operations Site Working inside Kueyen European ALMA antenna brings total on Chajnantor to 16 The ALMA Operations Support Facility The detectors of OmegaCAM Electric Supercar at Paranal Electric Supercar on the VLT Platform
ALMA Antennas at the OSF ALMA Antennas at the OSF Outreach Group of the Astronomy Institute at Universidad Católica del Norte An Auxiliary Telescope Waiting for Sunset Atoms-for-Peace: a galactic collision in action* Close-up view of the sky around the star HD 10180 Night at Paranal Observatory
Cerro Armazones at Sunset VLT at Paranal The galaxy cluster MACS J2135-010217 lensing SMM J2135-0102 NGC 300 X-1 in the spiral galaxy NGC 300 Starry Night at ALMA ESO Headquarters The ESO 3.6-metre telescope at La Silla
Enclosures in moonlight  Cosmic Birds: The Eagle and Swan Nebulae KUEYEN Observing The Rosette Nebula: A Cosmic Rose ANTU Enclosure  ALMA Transporter Opening Ceremony La Silla
Auxillary Telescopes Moving an ALMA Antenna
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