Working at ESO's 3.6 metre telescope roof ALMA Construction The E-ELT Primary Mirror Galaxy structure seven billion light-years away (artist’s impression) Roadmap for GalileoMobile expedition Around the massive star IRS2 The RCW120 nebula
The Galactic Centre and Sagittarius B2 The Distant Galaxy K20-ID5 Pluto-Charon system High-Resolution Spectrum of the Ant Planetary Nebula around 12.8μm The Immediate Surroundings of Eta Carinae Eclipsing Binary System in Orion 8.2-m Main Mirror in its Cell
Kueyen M1 Mirror Arrival  to KUEYEN Back  to the KUEYEN enclosure In the Coating Chamber ANTU After Sunset MELIPAL M2 Unit Mounted MELIPAL M2 Mirror
VLT Active Optics System Globular Cluster NGC 6712 IRAS 04553-6825: First Extra-galactic SiO Maser The SPHERE instrument is lifted into the dome of ESO’s VLT Unit Telescope 3 VLT UT4 upgrade intervention Bright Meteor at Paranal During ESO UHD Expedition Asteroid (25143) Itokawa seen in close-up
The cover of the 2014 ESO Calendar The final two ALMA European antennas The Prawn Nebula IC 4628 in the constellation of Scorpius aos-optical-fibre-room-pano Chilean ambassador to Germany, Mr. Jorge O’Ryan Schütz, during his visit to ESO Garching Former Chilean President at an ESO exhibition Lights off!
Auxiliary telescopes under the Sun Participants at the conference Shaping E-ELT Science and Instrumentation VLT Auxiliary Telescope The final ALMA front end leaves for Chile The final ALMA front end at the European FEIC The night sky over La Silla. Wide-field view of the entire Seagull Nebula (IC 2177)
Poster of Café & Kosmos 8 January 2013 Lights glowing on the ALMA correlator The Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) by night, under the Magellanic Clouds The Residencia kitchen at Paranal Andreas Kaufer at Paranal Antenna reflector section Laser specialist
Mehner and Gadotti ALMA partners Sébastien Poupart Stéphane Guisard, ESO Photo Ambassador ALMA Operations Support Facility MPG/ESO 2.2-metre telescope work-in-progress ESO 3.6-metre telescope
ESO 3.6-metre telescope ESO 3.6-metre telescope President Sebastián Piñera of Chile and his wife, Cecilia Morel, in the Paranal Control Room One of the Band 5 receivers for ALMA La Silla Hotel The camera of VISTA ESO VISTA telescope
Construction of the ALMA Central Office building View of Cerro Paranal FLAMES' plates La Silla Inauguration The ESO 1.52-metre telescope La Silla Hotel The Electronic Workshop at La Silla Observatory
Electrical supplies to La Silla Observatory Touring the Atacama Desert An Excursion to Paranal Bernard Pillier at the Sky Atlas Laboratory A stream of water at the Pelicano camp. A stream of water at the Pelicano camp. Life at La Silla Observatory in 1969
VLT Site Testing Signing the ESO CERN contract for collaboration The primary mirror of the ESO 3.6-metre telescope before installation Inside La Silla Shooting of Fill Us With Fire video with Erasure singer Andy Bell Vienna Planetarium Visible/infrared comparison views of the newly discovered globular cluster VVV CL001
SLODAR Instrument at Paranal Wide-field view of the sky around the Leo Triplet of galaxies View from the ESO Residencia at Paranal during a rare storm Royal Observatory Greenwich A main street in Antofagasta Close-up of the drama of star formation (annotated) Lodewijk Woltjer Lecture at JENAM 2010
Café & Kosmos: "The Big Bang in the Tunnel" Prof. Adriaan Blaauw (1914–2010) visits Vitacura offices The lightweight, rigid reference optic for the new deformable secondary mirror at ESO's VLT Joachim Krautter and Lodewijk Woltjer at the ESO stand at JENAM 2010 VLT Primary Mirror: Still Liquid! TRAPPIST at La Silla VLT´s UT2 mirror recoating
Antenna foundations for ALMA's Atacama Compact Array Artist’s impression of an exoplanet in a retrograde orbit
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