Images of the Silhouette Disc and the Bipolar Reflection Nebula Comet LINEAR (C/2000 WM1) Newly Discovered Gravitational Lens System RXS J1131-1231 Centaurus A – Field 2 (Halo) Models of brown dwarf disks (artist’s impression) Detail of the Cluster of Galaxies Abell 496 Paranal Residencia Under Construction
Measuring the Reflectivity of the 8.2-m Zerodur Mirror Rear Side of the M3 Mirror M3: Preparations for Mounting Lifting of the M3 MELIPAL Mirror Preparations for the Mirror Cell Attachment to MELIPAL M3 Mirror in its Cell M1 Mirror Cell Removal
M1 Mirror Cell: Preparation for Transport M1 Mirror Cell Transport M3 Tower and M3 Mirror M1 Mirror Cell M1 Mirror Cell Transport M1 Mirror Cell Installed M1 Cell
MELIPAL Dummy Concrete Mirror KUEYEN UVES KUEYEN UVES Spectrograph M1 Cell: Moved Up the Mountain M1 Cell: Temporary Storage Removing the Dummy Mirror Cell A Proplyd in the Lagoon Nebula
A Galaxy at the Edge of the Universe The Great White Spot on Saturn NGC 1808 The "Star'' Sanduleak Supernova 1987A and the Tarantula Nebula supernova 1986 G in the peculiar, southern galaxy Centaurus A (NGC 5128) Screenshot of Astroimages Application for Smart TVs
Zodiacal Light at La SIlla Screenshot of Astroimages Application for SmartTVs Screenshot of the “Your ESO Pictures” Flickr Group The ArTeMiS cryostat in position at APEX A celebration of MUSE at the Observatoire de Lyon ALMA Santiago Central Office La Residencia
SPHERE Optical Bench The Death of Stars and the Lives of Galaxies The starburst galaxy NGC 253 seen with the VISTA and ALMA La Residencia, Paranal Observatory mcpherson_fig3a eso-alma-b-pano2 ALMA image of dust trap/comet factory around Oph-IRS 48 (annotated)
EWSC Nuno Crato Visits Paranal Wide-field view of the open star cluster NGC 2547 The world's media during VLT first light press conference ESO HQ from above in 1980 The Crown Prince Couple of Denmark on the platform of ESO's Very Large Telescope ESO Science Newsletter
Wide-field view of the star cluster NGC 6520 and the dark cloud Barnard 86 KMOS on the Very Large Telescope at the time of first light The ESO Council Meeting on 4 December 2012 Building VISTA, the World’s Largest Survey Telescope (side-by-side composite) UT4 cell and straps New Technology Telescope inauguration Wide-field view of the area of NGC 6357
MPG/ESO 2.2-metre Telescope remote control Astronomers working at La Silla Custom power amplifier chip for an ALMA Warm Cartridge Assembly VLT site testing Finance Committee Visits Chile Components of the ESO 3.6-metre telescope Highlights of VISTA’s deep infrared view of the COSMOS field
Hans-Emil Schuster ESO 1-metre Schmidt telescope ESO Vitacura Offices in 1969 The ESO 3.6-metre telescope building under construction Contract signing between ESO and Interbeton Life at La Silla Observatory in 1969 Prince Philippe of Belgium
A lateral view of the ESO 3.6-metre telescope model Wide-field view of the Hercules galaxy cluster Hans-Emil Schuster receives prestigious Chilean state award for his contribution to astronomy Wide-field image of the sky around the Fried Egg nebula ESO Exhibition at SBPC ESO Exhibition at SBPC Pioneering Astronomical Watch Launched at ESO’s Paranal Observatory
Rare storm over Paranal Wide-field view of the sky around NGC 3169 and NGC 3166 “La Portada” in Antofagasta The Coast of Antofagasta Hubble infrared image of the most remote mature cluster of galaxies yet found Wide-field view of the sky around the remote cluster CL J1449+0856 Wide-field view of the field around NGC 7252: the Atoms-for-Peace galaxy
Extracts from the VISTA Magellanic Cloud Survey view of the Tarantula Nebula Opening VISTA Filming at Paranal Archaeology in Atacama's Chilean desert ALMA site Archaeology in Atacama's Chilean desert Archaeology in Atacama's Chilean desert
Big and bigger telescopes Archaeology in Atacama's Chilean desert
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