Aerial view of Paranal in 1994 A bird's eye view of Paranal in 1994. The VLT at Paranal Observatory Chief Scientific Adviser to the European Commission, Anne Glover, visits ESO’s Paranal Observatory The Crown Prince Couple of Denmark during their visit to ESO’s Paranal Observatory Map of the positions of thousands of galaxies in the VIPERS survey NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope view of the dust disc around the young star HD 100546
Claus Madsen at La Silla (GPO) VLT DSM Panorama of the ALMA Operational Support Facility A wide-field view of the area around the Abell 901/902 supercluster Reflection Nebula NGC 1999 in Orion Cabling for the ALMA correlator State-of-the-art digital filter circuit boards for the ALMA correlator
The globular cluster NGC 6388, observed by the NASA/ESA  Hubble Space Telescope The President of Austria, Heinz Fischer is welcomed to ESO’s premises in Santiago The VST inauguration Science in School — Issue 25 — Winter 2012 Richtfest marks successful progress with ESO extension building Screenshot of ESOcast 49 Water — A Cosmic Adventure production
Water — A Cosmic Adventure production Artist's impression of the E-ELT and the starry night sky Artist's impression of an ice water crystal Artist's impression of an exoplanet Science in School — Issue 24 — Autumn 2012 ESO Top 100 Images v2.0 app Screenshot from ESO Top 100 Images v2.0 app
Screenshot from ESO Top 100 Images v2.0 app Screenshot from ESO Top 100 Images v2.0 app VLTI tunnel Artist’s impression of the E-ELT at night The ESO Council during their meeting in Garching on 11–12 June 2012 NTT Assembly The VST
Construction of the Vitacura Offices La Silla Hotel Aerial view of La Silla Observatory, 1966 1987-paranal-storm - site-testing-ms-dpp The ESO 1-metre telescope Coudé spectrograph on the ESO 1.52-metre telescope Comet Halley and the Milky Way
Access road to the ESO 3.6-metre telescope Farewell for Jöran Ramberg An ESO truck Planet alignment ESO DG Prof. Adriaan Blaauw Heckmann and Blaauw at Vitacura ESO Open House Day 2011
Petrol station at Camp Pelicano ESO Director General Prof. Otto Heckmann (painting) Aluminising plant Visit at Observatoire de Haute Provence Aluminising plant Model of the Coudé Auxiliary Telescope The PDS scanner at CERN
Map of the La Silla Observatory in 1969 Council President receives gift Touring the Atacama Desert VLT First Light Foundations of the ESO 3.6-metre telescope dome The electronic workshop at La Silla in 1969 The La Silla Hotel in 1969
Screenshot of the Back in Time iPad app Wide field view of the unusual double star SS Leporis ESO Promotes Astronomy during Bicentennial Conference in Santiago, Chile Ars Electronica Show Ars Electronica Show Historical photo from the early site testing of Armazones Ars Electronica Show
Ars Electronica Show Ars Electronica Show Ars Electronica Show The beginning of La Silla Foxes at La Silla Observing at the ESO 1-metre telescope Inside the dome of the ESO 1-metre telescope
Snow at La Silla Around La Silla La Silla RVM machine La Silla Power Station Pelicano Camp Construction of the ESO 3.6-metre telescope Neighbours at Quebrada Pelícano
La Silla Road Construction On the Way to La Silla On the way to La Silla La Silla Neighbours La Silla Ridge La Silla Neighbours Almost at the Top of La Silla
ESO 1-metre Schmidt telescope Life at La Silla, early 1970s Life at La Silla, early 1970s ESO 1.52-metre telescope mirror aluminised ESO 1-metre Schmidt telescope on its way to La Silla Mount of the ESO 1-metre Schmidt Telescope Fork of the ESO 1-metre Schmidt telescope
Harsh conditions at La Silla SLODAR Instrument at Paranal
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