La Silla Construction  Overview 06 La Silla Construction  Overview 05 La Silla Construction  Overview 04 La Silla Construction  Overview 03 La Silla Construction  Overview 02 La Silla Construction  Overview 01 La Silla Construction 13
La Silla Construction 12 La Silla Construction 11 La Silla Construction 10 La Silla Construction 08 La Silla Construction 07 La Silla Construction 06 La Silla Construction 05
La Silla Construction 04 La Silla Construction 03 La Silla Construction 02 La Silla Construction 01 Radio Hut01 Radio Comm to Coquimbo NormalCommWay
Interferometry Primer Solar Mass Star Workshop E-ELT Simple Review 2010 ESO Headquarters Moonrise E-ELT site testing — Cerro Tolonchar / Chile MUSE image slicer E-ELT METIS Meeting, December 2009
E-ELT METIS Meeting, December 2009 The E-ELT-HARMONI Meeting, January 2010 Cactus Archaeology in Atacama Underground Tree E-ELT Active Segmented Mirror ALMA high-altitude cryogenic test
CCD Cryostat Head The Cloverleaf Quasar ALMA Antenna Station ALMA Transporters Flora Archaeology in Atacama's Chilean desert Atacama Landscape
High Altitude Plants Wild Vicuñas High Altitude Plants Construction Crane on the VLT PLatform E-ELT in Close-up View Old Panamericana Lizard footprints at ALMA
VLT M1 Production at Schott E-ELT Deformable Mirror Flora Archaeology in Atacama's Chilean desert ALMA fibre optic patch panel E-ELT Baseline Meeting, March 2008 E-ELT Active Segmented Mirror
ALMA antenna component at the OSF ALMA site ALMA site Paranal Residencia ALMA electronics in the AOS technical building Desert Lizard DSS image
The SEST Fire Meteor in a MASCOT image SINFONI Observations of the Circinus Galaxy The central region of NGC 1068 The Highly Unstable Star Eta Carinae (Artist's Impression) Centaurus A – Field 2 (Detail) Stars Observed in the FEROS Programme (HR diagram)
The Subaru observations The southern constellation Indus Proxima Centauri - barely a real star  Joint Construction of the Giant Radio Telescope "ALMA" in Chile UVES spectrograph assembly First Infrared ESO Image of Comet Hale-Bopp On the Desert Road
On the Old Panamericana on the Way to Paranal On the Way to Paranal The VLT Mirror Convoy Moves along the Seafront The Convoy Drives through the Desert The 8.2-m VLT Mirror: Finally in Paranal The Convoy Arrives at the Base Camp The Dummy Mirror is Uncovered
Testing the UT1 Mechanical Structure The View form the Unit Telescope 1 Enclosure Unit Telescope 1 Altitude Bearings Flora Unit Telescope 1 in its Enclosure Paranal Base Camp Paranal Access Road
Old Panamericana Road and ESO Paranal Surroundings Unit Telescope 1 Structure Telescope Foundations The Coating Plant for the VLT The Coating Plant for the ESO VLT Testing the VLT Power Generators Strange Comet Discovered at ESO
Comet Hyakutake First Infrared ESO Image of Comet Hale-Bopp
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