ISAAC and SOFI Paranal Observatory: Taking the Bus to the Mountain Top Paranal Observatory: Unit Telescope no. 1 Installation of the UT2 Baseframe Aligning the UT1 Intermediate Structures A Generating Set for VLT A Power-generating Set for VLT
The Planetary Nebula around Sakurai's Object Extremely Distant Minor Planet 1992 QB1 Swiss Astronaut Claude Nicollier visits Paranal Observatory Armazones road construction site Wide-field view of part of the Taurus star formation region The dwarf galaxy UGC 5189A, site of the supernova SN 2010jl The MUSE instrument attached to the Very Large Telescope
Second adaptive thin shell mirror delivered to ESO Harsh conditions at the APEX control building ALMA’s view of the outflow associated with the Herbig-Haro object HH 46/47 An Extraordinary Universe Annular Groove Phase Mask dave-jones-3 Cover of The Messenger No. 152
ESA’s astronaut Pedro Duque addresses the audience at ESO Royal visit to Paranal schmidt-plate-insp-pizz M1 Shipment to VLT, 1993 Peeking into SEST Madsen and Blauuw Tarenghi Speech
Sky Atlas Laboratory Sky Atlas Laboratory Sky Atlas Laboratory Comet Shoemaker–Levy 9 symposium, July 1994. The VLT at Paranal Observatory President Piñera inspects ALMA hardware Map of the positions of thousands of galaxies in the VIPERS survey
ALMA Correlator  The new PARLA laser in operation at ESO’s Paranal Observatory Delivery of the VLT Schott Mirror, 1993 Performers and crew from AIDA Night of the Proms 2012 visit ESO’s Headquarters Filming The Eyes of the Atacama at the ALMA site From the Dark Side of the Moon to Paranal ESO 1-metre telescope
Japanese ALMA antenna Dutch 0.9-metre telescope, 1979 Dusk at La Silla Architectural model of the planned ESO Vitacura offices Wide-field view of the sky around the globular star cluster Messier 55 ESO Headquarters Extension under Construction VLT mirror shipped to Chile
Inauguration of the ESO Chile headquarters in Santiago’s Vitacura district Otto Heckmann at the La Silla Observatory A new Schmidt Plate ESO Vitacura Offices in 1969 A Cut-away Poster of the ESO 3.6-metre Telescope Dome VLT First Light ESO's finance committee visiting La Silla observatory
Digitized Sky Survey Image of part of the Taurus Molecular Cloud A unusual double star in the constellation of Lepus A galaxy seen when the Universe was only 840 million years old The International Press at Paranal Observatory The International Press at Paranal Observatory Workshop "Fornax, Virgo, Coma et al." Cover of CAPjournal issue 11
A Giant Mirror Goes Back to Work The Portal to the Universe iPad App Screenshot European X-ray Free Electron Laser joins EIROforum Eyes on the Universe in Valparaíso An audience overwhelmed by a 3D E-ELT Cerro Armazones and Cerro Paranal in Chile E-ELT possible site — Cerro Tolonchar / Chile
La Silla Asado Image from Cosmic Origins E-ELT Mirror Segment Assemblies Cleaning a VLT mirror VISTA telescope structure E-ELT Mirror Design Very Large Telescope
Paranal Residencia The Star Gliese 581 Central Parts of Comet McNaught Oxygen and Carbon Abundances in Blue Straggler Stars Stellar cluster and star-forming region M 17 (annotated) View of the first MACAO-VLTI facility at Paranal NAOS-CONICA at VLT YEPUN
Sunset at Paranal Polarization in GRB 990510 Atacama Desert Road Arriving at Antofagasta Atacama and the M1 Cell Arrival of the VLT M1 Mirror Cell Base for UT2
Giant Coating Plant for the VLT: a Porthole View VLT Observatory on Cerro Paranal VLT Observatory on Cerro Paranal Construction of VLT Main Structure Construction of VLT Main Structure ISAAC Undergoes Tests at ESO ISAAC Undergoes Tests at ESO
VLT M1 Cell VLT M1 Cell
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