Wide-field view of the parent star of the famous exoplanet Tau Boötis b Aerial image of ESO Headquarters La Silla staff, 1965 European ALMA Antennas Roof-topping of the ESO 3.6-metre telescope The Coudé Echelle Spectrometer on the ESO 1.52-metre telescope The La Silla baby football tournament
The globular star cluster Messier 55 in the constellation of Sagittarius Orion's Belt The star cluster NGC 6604 in the constellation of Serpens Number of papers published using observations from ESO facilities Cover of The Messenger No. 147 1969 La Silla A Halley's Comet Photographic Plate
Reception at the ESO Guesthouse Outreach event in Portugal in the 1980s Prince Philippe of Belgium Prince Philippe of Belgium VLT Site Testing Building the ESO 3.6-metre telescope The Danish 1.5-metre Telescope
The ALMA transporter carrying a 7-metre antenna Diagram showing the position of Barnard 211 and Barnard 213 in Taurus Life in one of the driest places on Earth Artist’s impression of the dwarf planet Eris Pioneering Astronomical Watch Launched at ESO’s Paranal Observatory Martyn Ware at the VLT A Wilde Day at ESO’s Paranal Observatory
Filming "In Search of Perfection" Museum of the Atacama Desert, Antofagasta, Chile The ESO Top 100 Images iPad App Lore in Training The EVALSO inauguration The launch of the Postcards From the Edge of the Universe book at JENAM 2010 Digitized Sky Survey Image of ARP 261
Paranal Mechanical Workshop Floating in space E-ELT site testing - Cerro Ventarrones / Chile E-ELT site testing — Cerro Tolonchar / Chile E-ELT site testing — Cerro Tolonchar / Chile ALMA El Golf offices Saturn and the Giant White Spot
Baade and Schalen at a Conference Kourganoff, Oort and Spencer at a Conference VST Top End Ring VST Top End Ring Close-Up VLT Survey Telescope Top End Ring VISTA Control Africa Site Test 1955
Milky Way over Paranal June 1963 - Summit Meeting on Cerro Morado June 1963 - Summit Meeting on Cerro Morado View over the Pacific Moon Setting over Paranal VIMOS Looking outside the VLT dome
Approaching the Pacific at Sunrise VISTA Control El Gigante Council approves the VLT Africa Site Test 1955 Composite "zoom" on the double star HD 87643 The double star HD 87643
HD 87643 ALMA 12 m diameter antenna, manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Beta Pictoris as Seen in Infrared Light - Annotated Mapping Spots on Speedy Mic Clouds around RY Sagittarii Structure of the Pulsating Red Giant S Ori (artist's impression) The Venus Transit Observed in 1874
Uniting European Astronomy K-band image of the peculiar star "Frosty Leo" The Star HIC 59206  (AO corrected image) The Galactic Star OGLE-TR-3 Visibility Curves of Alpha Centauri A and B (VLTI+VINCI) A VLT/FORS1 spectrum of a Type II Quasar H-alpha Profile of Spiral Galaxy ISOHDF 27
VLT Main Mirror Deformation (Six-fold Symmetry) VLT Main Mirror Deformation (Astigmatism) Disc around Beta Pictoris NTT Observations of Bright Comet 1995 Q1 (Bradfield) "Toutatis" Observed with the ESO New Technology Telescope A dust jet from Comet Austin (1989 c1) The Omega Centauri globular cluster of stars
The globular star cluster Messier 54 in the constellation of Sagittarius Wide-field view of the sky around the globular star cluster Messier 54 The location of the Lupus 4 dark cloud in the constellation of Lupus Messier 33 in the northern constellation of Triangulum Inside of MUSE The Optics of MUSE Last ALMA antenna handover
The location of the epicentre of the 1 April 2014 Chilean earthquake The MUSE instrument during installation at ESO’s Paranal Observatory ESO Astronomy Camp The new planetarium and exhibition centre at ESO Headquarters The new planetarium and exhibition centre at ESO Headquarters Wide Field Imager view of part of the bulge of the Milky Way Vitacura Gardens
Headquarter's Extension The location of a monster embryonic star in the constellation of Norma
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