Screenshot of the Space Scoop Android app The Space Scoop Android app The final ALMA antenna is handed over to the observatory Artist's impression of the Milky Way (updated - annotated) The ESO Open House Day 2013 Cover of brochure ESO & Chile in Spanish The Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer
ESO ALMA Building Panorama European ALMA antenna 22 accepted ESA astronaut Pedro Duque meets the ESO Director General Café & Kosmos 18 June 2013 Cap2013 Poster Pondering M1 tower
Telescope controls Workers at La Silla site during construction Preparing explosives during La Silla construction Groningen Conference, 1953 The 1-m Active Mirror Experiment Chief Scientific Adviser to the European Commission, Anne Glover, visits ESO’s Paranal Observatory Austrian and Portuguese Ministers for Science visit Paranal
The Prime Minister of France, Jean-Marc Ayrault, and Massimo Tarenghi at the CELAC–EU Summit in Santiago The CERN Complex near Geneva The ESA Seeker autonomous rover during tests at Paranal Danish 0.5-metre telescope In the observer's seat of the ESO 3.6-metre telescope ESO 1-metre Schmidt telescope The La Silla baby football tournament
Photometer on the ESO 1-metre Telescope The La Silla aluminising plant in 1969 La Silla Post Stamp in Chile Harry Van Der Laan, ESO Director General ALMA transporter ESO Open House Day 2011 A. Behr
ESO 3.6-metre Telescope model Three telescopes at La Silla First light for the Grand Prisme Objectif telescope Construction of ESO Headquarters in Santiago, Chile begins. Dedication ceremony for the road to the summit of La Silla. Working on the High Order Testbench ESO stand at the itinerant exhibition FIESMA 2010
Map of the ESO Science Outreach Network The ESA/Hubble Top 100 Images iPad App Screenshot The ALMA Camp Hubble with spectra from the Space Telescope European Coordinating Facility Supernova 1992C ALMA Santiago Central Offices (SCO) Digitized Sky Survey Image of NGC 253
Digitized Sky Survey Image of Betelgeuse A Window to the Universe Top 10 ESO science discoveries Atmospheric opacity graph Assembling the ESO 1-metre telescope The ESO 1-metre telescope at La Silla The ESO 1-metre telescope arrival
The arrival of the ESO 1-metre telescope The arrival of the ESO 1-metre telescope OmegaCAM NaCo ALMA Signatures OmegaCAM ISAAC
Paranal Control Room The Second ESO Fellows Symposium Astro-Expo Event in Dublin MAD Science Day 2006 Swedish NRSC Visit OmegaCAM
OmegaCAM VISTA Workshop Tech Day 2009 EAAE-ESO Summer School 2007 OmegaCAM MAD Deformable Mirror Paranal Workshops
AAS Meeting in Seattle ALMA Interdisciplinary Teaching Project (ITP) VLT Workshop VLT Mirror Water Supply for the VLT Cleaning the Mirror Land der Ideen Award 2006
Mirror Cleaning MAD Siderostat for VLTI Comet West Discovery Plate, 1975 User Support Department 2007 Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics Demonstrator (MAD) Control VISTA
EAAE-ESO Summer School 2007 VLT Workshop VLT Workshop Engineers at the VLT Astroclimatology for the E-ELT VLT Workshop Swedish NRSC Visit
First Light of X-shooter Newly Found Galaxies (SINFONI/VLT)
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