MAD Deformable Mirror Paranal Workshops AAS Meeting in Seattle ALMA Interdisciplinary Teaching Project (ITP) VLT Workshop VLT Mirror Water Supply for the VLT
Cleaning the Mirror Land der Ideen Award 2006 Mirror Cleaning MAD Siderostat for VLTI Comet West Discovery Plate, 1975 User Support Department 2007
Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics Demonstrator (MAD) Control VISTA EAAE-ESO Summer School 2007 VLT Workshop VLT Workshop Engineers at the VLT Astroclimatology for the E-ELT
VLT Workshop Swedish NRSC Visit First Light of X-shooter Newly Found Galaxies (SINFONI/VLT) Season's Greetings! Sub-Millimetre Image of a Stellar Cradle The velocity curve of star from GRS 1915+105 binary system
Spiral Pattern in Virgo Dwarf Galaxy Shells around Centaurus A Spiral Galaxy in the Abell 496 Field Bright Comet 1995 Q1 Very sharp images with the ESO NTT at "first light'' An eclipse of PG 1550+131 Spectrum of the Giant Arc in Abell 370
Minor Planet (1179) Mally Star formation regions in the constellation of Carina (The Keel) Cover of CAPjournal issue 15 Screenshot of ESOcast 66 Screenshot of the App Kiwaka Spain to Participate in the E-ELT Screenshot of ESOcast 65
Screenshot of the ALMA Kids web site Raw image from the FLAMES instrument on the VLT Raw image from the FLAMES instrument on the VLT MUSE Interior Testing The planetary nebula Abell 33 in the constellation of Hydra ALMA image of carbon monoxide around Beta Pictoris (infographic) MUSE image of the strange galaxy NGC 4650A
The MUSE instrument makes the final ascent to the Very Large Telescope at ESO’s Paranal Observatory Splashscreen from Chajnantor: Race Against Time Screenshot from Chajnantor: Race Against Time The new planetarium and exhibition centre at ESO Headquarters VLT Unit Telescope Cover of the Annual Report 2012 Café & Kosmos 7 May 2013
ESO-MPE-MPA-USM Joint Workshop From circumstellar disks to planetary systems Filming the VLT Auxiliary Telescopes, 2009 Poster of Café & Kosmos 24 April 2013 NTT press conference Testing of the VLT primary mirrors Cover of CAPjournal issue 13 Windspeed testing
La Silla rocks PROED workshop 2008 Interviews during VLT press conference Wind site-testing on Cerro Paranal Early site testing on La Montura Site testing atop Cerro Armazones The Coudé spectrograph
The Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) Austrian and Portuguese Ministers for Science visit Paranal Screenshot from the ALMA inauguration Video News Release Testing the E-ELT's Fifth Mirror (M5) Number of papers published using different observatories The cluster NGC 6520 and the dark cloud Barnard 86 in the constellation of Sagittarius Poster of Café & Kosmos 5 February 2013
The President of Austria on the occasion of a visit to ESO’s premises in Chile Dark galaxies of the early Universe (cutouts) Sunset from the office Uphill at La Silla Cover of CAPjournal issue 12 VISTA under construction ESO 3.6-metre telescope
ESO exhibition at CERN Sky Atlas Laboratory exhibition La Silla hotel Transporting the ESO 3.6-metre telescope's mirror Contract signature with Interbeton Photographic chemical lab The ESO 1.52-metre telescope, circa 1969
Construction of the ESO 3.6-metre telescope dome Plate processing equipment Contract signature with Interbeton View across the La Silla Observatory in the 1980s The ESO 3.6-metre telescope under construction Mr. Bernard Duguet Elias Torres' farewell party in 1987
Wide-field view of the sky around the cluster NGC 6604 The bright star Fomalhaut in the constellation of Piscis Austrinus
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