Map of the ALMA site VLT structure in Milano Contract signing between AMOS and ESO Contract signing between AMOS and ESO Dust cloud after rock blasting at La Silla ALMA's Operational Support Facility ALMA's Operational Support Facility
Schott handshake, 1988 Building a house at Pelicano camp Clocks at Paranal VLT conference in Venice, 1986 Gamsberg mountain site testing Navarette site testing in Namibia Rainy day in Namibia
Washout Concept drawing of the VLT VLT first light press conference UK press delegation and Massimo Tarenghi at ALMA Site Museum 400 Years of  the Telescope Get to the chopper Heckmann and the ESO 1-metre Schmidt telescope
Construction drawings of the ESO 1-metre telescope. Cerro Paranal before the observatory VISTA press event at Vitacura Cesarsky in Portugal ESO 50th anniversary staff party ESO's 50th anniversary staff party Comparison of VISTA image of NGC 6357 with a visible light image
The ESO Industry Day in Warsaw, Poland The Lupus 3 dark cloud in the constellation of Scorpius Alexandre Santerne The planetary nebula Fleming 1 in the constellation of Centaurus (The Centaur) The globular star cluster NGC 6362 in the constellation of Ara (The Altar) Alpha Centauri in the constellation of Centaurus (The Centaur) The red giant star R Sculptoris in the constellation of Sculptor (The Sculptor)
The Thor’s Helmet Nebula (NGC 2359) in the constellation of Canis Major (The Great Dog) Touring labs at CERN Book cover "Europe to the Stars" The Seagull Nebula on the borders of the constellations of Monoceros and Canis Major The Pencil Nebula in the southern constellation of Vela (The Sails) A Timeless Sanctuary in Santiago (side-by-side composite) The globular star cluster Messier 4 in the constellation of Scorpius
Screenshot of ESOcast 47 IRAS 16293-2422 in the constellation of Ophiuchus Barnard 59, a dark nebula in the constellation of Ophiuchus Screenshot of ESOcast 45 Cover of Annual Report 2011 The parent star of the famous exoplanet Tau Boötis b Danish 0.5-metre telescope
Patiently waiting Exoplanet press conference Solar observing Team photo GalileoMobile by night Budding astronomer GalileoMobile
Peeking Contract signature with Interbeton The ESO 3.6-metre telescope at La Silla The 1-metre Schmidt telescope at La Silla Copying plates at the Sky Atlas Laboratory Coudé spectrograph and aluminising plant Swiss 0.4-metre telescope
Alistair McPherson named as E-ELT Project Manager Meeting of the Scientific Programmes Committee President Eduardo Frei Montalva at the La Silla inauguration First light of one of the VLT Unit Telescopes VLT First Light Reception at the Guesthouse The La Silla aluminising plant in 1969
Illustration of the ESO 3.6-metre telescope Prince Philippe of Belgium Prince Philippe of Belgium Raymond Wilson Christoph Malin The star formation region NGC 3324 in the constellation of Carina (The Keel) Babak A. Tafreshi
First light for the ESO 3.6-metre telescope The Helix Nebula in the constellation of Aquarius Poster of Café & Kosmos 10 January 2012 50 years of reaching new heights in astronomy The ESO 50th anniversary logo Your Historical ESO Pictures ESO Calendar 2012
Messenger issue 146 Poster of Café & Kosmos 21 December 2011 The galaxy NGC 253 in the constellation of Sculptor Astronomy Podcast now in Multiple Languages Photographer Fred Kamphues in action in Iceland Antennae Galaxies composite of ALMA and Hubble observations The Fried Egg Nebula in the constellation of Scorpius
ESO Kiosks ESO Stand at the Astroday 2011 Poster: Café & Kosmos - From Ghostly Neutrinos to Active Galactic Nuclei: Latest Results in the Field of Astroparticles The star cluster NGC 2100 in the constellation of Dorado Gems logo The spiral galaxy NGC 3521 in the constellation of Leo The triplet of galaxies Messier 65, Messier 66 and NGC 3628 in the constellation of Leo
Superbubble in the constellation of Dorado The Bavarian Minister of Finance visits ESO Headquarters
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