VLT M1 Mirror Universe Awareness Meeting May 2005 Rencontres du Ciel et de l'Espace 2002 Universe Awareness Meeting May 2005 VLT M1 Production at Schott PPARC Visit October 2005 VLT M1 Mirror Cell
VLT M1 Mirror Cell OECD Astronomy Workshop December 2003 VLT M1 Mirror Science Day 2004 Polishing the VLT M1 VLT M1 Mirror OECD Astronomy Workshop December 2003
Science Day 2003 Science Day 2005 The OCam camera – A camera that outpaces twinkling stars Measurements of HD 40307 Light-Curve of GRB 060505 The European Extremely Large Telescope Phase Folded Measurements of HD 69830
Observation Techniques of the Baade-Wesselink Method AVO Windows with Obscured Quasar Image Two-dimensional spectra of Abell 1835 IR1936 Spectra of Some of the Most Distant Galaxies Known Visual Spectra of Hypernova in GRB 030329 VLTI Configuration for Measurements of Achernar Radial Velocity Curve of HD 47536
Spectrum of HII region -014+081 in NGC 4254 Sample Integral Field Units at FLAMES Stellar Motions at the Centre of NGC 1808 Acoustic Spectrum of Alpha Centauri A The Shape of the Filament A VLT Spectrum of EROS-BLG-2000-5 HD 80606: a Giant Planet in an Extremely Elongated Orbit
Optical Spectrum of Brown Dwarf TWA-5B Lyman-alpha Forest at z~2.0 in Quasar Spectrum CO emission spectra for Centaurus A Spectrum of Methane Brown Dwarf i Horologii - Radial Velocity Variations Spectrum of Arc in Cluster 1ESO657-558 (z=3.23) Spectrum of Stars in NGC 6822 and the Milky Way Galaxy
Photometric Redshift of Extremely Red Galaxy Infrared Spectrum of Radio Galaxy MRC 0406-244 A Glimpse Into The Time Before Quasars Were Born First Spectrum of Comet Hyakutake Minor Planet (4015) / Comet Wilson–Harrington First Optical Images of the "Invisible" Counter-Jet in Giant Galaxy M87 The SS-433 System (artist's impression)
Café & Kosmos 12 November 2013 One Small Part of SPHERE DT Analysis at La Silla. DT Analysis at La Silla DT Analysis at La Silla Echelle spectrograph with Bowens camera, 1968 Chile Summit, 1963
Sleepless in Santiago Breaking ground for La Silla VLT first light press conference VLT first light press conference Presentations during VLT first light press conference First electricity at La Silla Cover of The Messenger No. 148
Storage Hall The Submillimeter Telescope (SMT) at the Arizona Radio Observatory Red sky at night La Silla Clouds Charcoalmakers La Silla site, 1965 Mirror coating
Centaurus A Technical group at site testing in South Africa Darkroom at the Sky Atlas Laboratory Processing photographic plates The ESO 1-metre telescope around 1969 Swiss 0.4-metre telescope Max Alexander taking photos of the staff at ESO's Paranal Observatory
ESO exhibition in 1973 La Silla Inauguration Brave New World in the Messenger ALMA Santiago Central Office Prince Philippe of Belgium Building ESO 3.6-metre telescope ESO 3.6-metre telescope manufacturing
ESO’s Telescope Division is the first ESO department to move into offices on the CERN premises in Geneva José Joaquín Pérez The 1-metre Schmidt telescope at La Silla Farid Char Yoga Room at Paranal ESO Council 122nd Meeting — group photo ESO Photo Ambassador José Francisco Salgado
ESO Photo Ambassador Gerhard Hüdepohl Serge Brunier Space Scoop logo The star formation region Messier 8 in the constellation of Sagittarius A galactic collision in the constellation of Aquarius Gianluca Lombardi Workers constructing EVALSO
ALMA Antenna Model 03 ELT-ENC-S
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