ESO 1-metre telescope ESO 1-metre telescope ESO 1-metre telescope ESO 1-metre telescope ESO 1-metre telescope ESO 1-metre telescope ALMA production line
Licancabur volcano and a llama Participants of the Groningen conference Middle of the mountain Pelicano camp, 1966 La Silla mountain view Mountain portrait Archive footage
Blast from the past La Silla in 1966 La Silla from above Mountain road Photographic plate refrigerator Screenshot of ESOcast 43 Screenshot of ESOcast 42
Shooting of Fill Us With Fire video with Erasure singer Andy Bell ALMA Santiago Central Office Entrance ESO Vitacura Offices in 1969 La Silla under snow Map of Chile from Congreso del Futuro Didier Queloz and Michel Mayor at La Silla Final Convention Paper
The Carina Nebula in the constellation of Carina Formation and Early Evolution of Very Low Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs Path of the shadow of the dwarf planet Eris during the occultation of November 2010 (artist's impression) Views of the Horsehead Nebula The spectrum of a star that should not exist Open House Day 2011 The constellation Ophiuchus, showing the Rho Ophiuchi star formation region
Construction of the ESO 1-metre Schmidt telescope ESO Exhibition at the Swedish Embassy The spiral galaxy NGC 6744 in the constellation of Pavo Pepper Trees at Paranal Messier 78: a reflection nebula in Orion NGC 3621 in the constellation of Hydra Our Season’s Greetings e-card
ALMA-CHAJ Volume phase holographic gratings ALMA work at the NRAO Technology Center Testing fibre optic receivers for ALMA ESO-CANbus-Connector ESO-CANbus-Connector ISAAC
ISAAC CCD Connectors ESO Workshop on Detectors for Astronomy International Dark-Sky Association HAWK I CCD ISAAC Filterwheel ISAAC Cold Structure
Laser Guide Star Laboratory Laser Laboratory HAWK I CCD UVES being assembled Adaptive optics deformable mirror Laser Guide Star Facility International Dark-Sky Association
Image from Cosmic Origins Laser Laboratory UVES being assembled UVES Beam Splitter Giraffe ESO mini workshop on large CCDs UVES Beam Splitter
LGSF VLT Test Camera Laser Guide Star Laboratory The GalileoMobile expedition team Galileo's first observations with a telescope In Search of our Cosmic Origins Logos Dark Matter and Stellar Mass in Distant Galaxies
The Cepheid Period-Luminosity in the Near-Infrared Sky Field in Virgo Cluster of Galaxies Spectra from faint, distant Galaxies Spectrum of Quasar PKS 1232+0815 with Neutral Carbon Lines at z=2.34 Spectrum of 24.5-mag Quasar in MS1008 Field Disturbed Spiral Galaxy in the Abell 496 Field CD Galaxy in the Abell 496 Field
Spectrum of White Dwarf Stars in NGC 6397 IR Spectrum of Radio Galaxy at Z=2.4 Spectrum of Star-forming Galaxies at Z=0.62 Total Optical Control Comet Hyakutake Classification of SN 1995K Bubbles around the dying star OH231.8+4.2
Archeology in astronomy Power in Processing Tombola Dell'Universo ESO Ultra HD Expedition Logo Poster: International Max Planck Research School on Astrophysics View from the VLT platform Night sky above Flathill
View of Flathill observing site Living near the Table Mountain
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