The VLT at Paranal Observatory Universum für Alle: New book showcases ESO images EIROforum logo Artist’s impression of Orion KL Artist’s impression of the E-ELT Joe Liske (Dr. J) Second meeting of the ESO Council
Architectural model Stargazing in the desert Desert bloom Exposure controller in the Sky Atlas Laboratory Ten years of VLTI Screenshot of ESO Virtual Tours 360° at the Chajnantor plateau over the Licancabur Volcano The winner of a contest organised by the Süddeutsche Zeitung visits Paranal
The star cluster and nebula NGC 371 in the constellation of Tucana Cerro Paranal - the Exceptional Site for the VLT (1991) Brazil to Join the European Southern Observatory Mysterious GEMINGA on the Move The Asymetric Shape of the Coma of Comet Hyakutake E-ELT size (artist's impression) Paranal highlights
Paranal & Quantum of Solace Location of ESO HQ Relative to Munich ISAAC MACAO Ten years of VLTI Cryostat X-SHOOTER Handling Tool
X-SHOOTER Handling Tool Catch a Star Logo Astronet Logo Uranium in the Spectrum of an Old Star Change in the Rotation of 2000 PH5 ESFRI Report 2006 Radial Velocities of SWEEPS-04 (UVES/VLT)
Average Spectra of Distant Galaxies ALMA logo Emission from the Terrestrial Atmosphere Observed Brightness Variation of OGLE-TR-3 Spectrum of the Distant Galaxy MS 1512-cB58 "Joint" Stellar Light-spot "Visibility Curve" of the Star Psi Phoenicis
Finding Chart  for Very Young Brown Dwarfs in the Orion Nebula The Light-curve of Microlensing Event EROS-BLG-2000-5 Metals in Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy Map of the Obscuration in the Dark Cloud B68 Starforming Galaxy at Redshift 0.62 Image Quality of the VLT Light Curve of AKO 9 in 47 Tucanae
Young Astronomers Observe With ESO Telescopes Minor Planet 1992 AD ESO on social media Bonfire at APEX/Sequitor ESO Director General visits the Optical Ground Station at Teide Observatory (Tenerife) The Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer Minister Heubisch and Tim de Zeeuw
ehpa-8-farewell-jb-2 Images of Shoemaker-Levy 9 impact on Jupiter Almost there Inaugural observations with the VLT REOSC contract signing Contract signing between ESO and Interbeton Contract signing between ESO and Interbeton
Contract signing between ESO and Interbeton Explosives Controlled explosion during construction at La Silla Keep back Catch a Star 2007 winners visit Paranal La Silla of the future...? The First Aid Hut of Camp Pelicano
Camp Pelicano at La Silla La Silla hotel Site testing, Namibia Vitacura, 1968 Worker signaling during La Silla construction Inauguration of the road to La Silla observatory The road to La Silla observatory the day of its inauguration
Raising the Chilean flag during La Silla opening ceremony. The long and winding road to La Silla observatory The Pelicano Camp, the entrance to the La Silla observatory. Building the Pelicano Camp Memories from the construction of the Pelicano Camp and La Silla observatory ALMA antennas in the distance Constructing La Silla observatory and the Pelicano Camp
General view of the Pelicano Camp, the entrance to La Silla La Silla observatory under construction La Silla observatory under construction La Silla observatory under construction La Silla observatory under construction Staff Accommodation at La Silla in the 1960s Constrion of  La Silla observatory
The NTT, cover of the Sky & Telescope Magazine in September 1989 Site testing on La Silla observatory VLT Venice Conference group picture Paranal in 1987 Surroundings of San Pedro de Atacama Jerez ravine Users' Room in ESO HQ
Future astronomers during lunch break Future astronomers
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