The Chilean Desert Cryostat FORS1 CRIRES CRIRES Cold Structure HAWK-I Integration Giraffe
VLTI 100 Hours of Astronomy Logo The ALMA Observatory The Milky Way band The spectrum of the quasar PKS 1251-407 Radial Velocity Measurements of HD 69830 Luminosity - Oxygen Abundance Relation for Galaxies
Optical spectrum of SN 2001el  and fractional polarisation Spectra of the RXS J1131-1231 Lensing System Spectrum of OGLE-TR-3 Observed Velocity Variation of OGLE-TR-3 The First MACHO Spectrum Heavy Metal Stars UV Spectrum of CN Leonis
HD 82943: a "Resonant" System Spectra of dwarf stars in NGC 6752 FORS1 at the VLT UT1: First Spectra Moon over the Andes The Spectrum of Sakurai's Object Participants of conference The star cluster NGC 3293 in the constellation of Carina
The Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer The Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer Deformable Secondary Mirror Transport Box QUEST camera Deformable secondary Mirror Building the ESO 3.6-metre telescope Gravity Sensor
At the VLT Control Room La Silla explorations Map of South Africa UVES La Serena Street Scene Bosker and Edward ESO HQ Upgrade Project
HQ extension VLT in the modern era Welcoming Woltjer ESO HQ Inauguration SN1987a Conference Supernova1987a Conference REOSC Reception
REOSC Reception VLT Presentation to Industry Map of La Silla Observatory Map of ESO's Member States Paranal Observatory Assembling the ESO 1-metre telescope Assembling the ESO 1-metre telescope
Blasting rocks for La Silla HST STS-61 press conference Equipment at Rockdale mountain Equipment at Flathill Living near the Table Mountain The car wash after work The VLT at Paranal Observatory
Universum für Alle: New book showcases ESO images EIROforum logo Artist’s impression of Orion KL Artist’s impression of the E-ELT Joe Liske (Dr. J) Second meeting of the ESO Council Architectural model
Stargazing in the desert Desert bloom Exposure controller in the Sky Atlas Laboratory Ten years of VLTI Screenshot of ESO Virtual Tours 360° at the Chajnantor plateau over the Licancabur Volcano The winner of a contest organised by the Süddeutsche Zeitung visits Paranal The star cluster and nebula NGC 371 in the constellation of Tucana
Cerro Paranal - the Exceptional Site for the VLT (1991) Brazil to Join the European Southern Observatory Mysterious GEMINGA on the Move The Asymetric Shape of the Coma of Comet Hyakutake E-ELT size (artist's impression) Paranal highlights Paranal & Quantum of Solace
Location of ESO HQ Relative to Munich ISAAC MACAO Ten years of VLTI Cryostat X-SHOOTER Handling Tool X-SHOOTER Handling Tool
Catch a Star Logo Astronet Logo Uranium in the Spectrum of an Old Star Change in the Rotation of 2000 PH5 ESFRI Report 2006 Radial Velocities of SWEEPS-04 (UVES/VLT) Average Spectra of Distant Galaxies
ALMA logo Emission from the Terrestrial Atmosphere
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